The Tickets

As it is always said that these were made from metal of the remains of gliders found at the former Landingzone, until now (January 2020) there aren't any documents who prove this, nor if they where made in Holland or in the United Kingdom.
(This set belonged to the Father of Cor Janse, of Wolfheze, who was invited to the premiere in Arnhem in 1946, his dad was with the Wolfheze Resistance). Collection Philip Reinders)


There are 2 original version of these tickets, there is one version which was made for the release of the 60th Anniversary of the making of the movie (see below)

On Ebay there is another copy available, however it is stated by the seller that it is a copy, made from an original plaque, the weight is said to be 63grams.

Several tickets that came up for sale throughout the years on several sites.

The 2nd version which was also given/sold to visitor of the movie, this was issued to those who watched the movie in Canada.

An interesting new acquisition, a world premiere Theirs is the Glory ticket, in itself nothing special as these do turn up quite often, but this one does not appear to be completely finished! There is still a piece of aluminium at the top which on all the others has already been removed after casting and finished neatly.

Was this taken by someone from the foundry and/or given to someone as a souvenir, in any case it is very exceptional and certainly not added later, a test specimen perhaps?


Have never come across one before. There was some blue paint on it, also a small cobweb, and dirt , it has probably been lying somewhere for a very long time without being looked at.


In short, a nice piece of Theirs is the Glory history, if anyone knows anything more, I'd like to get in touch.




Two replica tickets I bought in 2022. Not able to find out who made them, the came from the UK. One weights 21gram the other 23grams. The original tickets all weight 25gram.

Any information about the production of these, replica tickets is most welcome.

A bronze ticket which was probably made in the fifties or sixties as Group price for the Airborne walk in September.         (Collection P. Reinders)