1st (Airlanding) Reconnaissance Squadron

Name: Major Charles Frederick Howard Gough

Nicknamed "Freddie"

Army number:31420

Former The Rifle Brigade

Squadron Commander


Born 16-09-1901, India


Died 19-09-1977, Lodsworth, near Petworth


Taken Prisoner of War

Oflag XIIB, Hadamar, Germany

POW No.595

POW Report

Ryan Archives

Name: Lieutenant John Graham Hilton Wadsworth

Army number: 312500

Royal Armoured Corps

Headquarters Troop


Born 02-02-1924, Dun Laoghaire, Country Dublin.


Died 25-11-2012, Bristol


Back across the river during operation Berlin.


Name: Trooper Richard Minns

Army number: 6854341

Royal Armoured Corps

No.8 Section, C. Troop


Born 1922


Died 11-10-2012, Beckenham


Wounded, Prisoner of war 

Name: Trooper Victor J Taylor

Army number: 6853827

Royal Armoured Corps

No.2 Section, A Troop


Born 1919


Died 2004, Havering


Back across the river during operation Berlin. 

Name: Lieutenant David Robert Guthrie

Army number: 262975

Royal Armoured Corps 

No.3 Section Commander, A Troop


Born 05-03-1933, Liverpool


Died 24-02-2003, Melton, Ipswich



Mention in Dispatches

Name: Trooper Alfred G Webb

Army number: 6103034

Royal Armoured Corps

No.1 Section, A Troop


Born 1923


Died 26-3-2004, Brentwood


Back across the river during operation Berlin.