4 Canadian Graves Registration Unit (1944-1946)                                                                                                

1 December 1944: This unit changed location from Lierre, Belgium to Roosendaal 726312, holland.


2 December 1944: Identification Section consisting of 2 Officers and 5 ORs arrived and are attd to this unti while working in the area for the purpose of identifying unknown Cdn soldiers buried Nispen.


4 December 1944: Polish officer registered graves at Woensdrecht civilian cemetery.


5 December 1944: Capt Dickson went to Bergen op Zoom where he discovered that new crosses had to be painted and ecerted on all fifty-four graves there as the present ones are far from being suitable. The Polish officer went back to Woensdrecht and Heide cemeteries.


6 December 1944: Sitxy nine graves are registered in the Heide area. Crossed are being prepared for the Bergen op Zoom cemetery.


7 December 1944: The Polish officer continues work at Heide Cemetery. registered Polish and Cdn graves in vicinity.


9 December 1944: The Polish officer went to Woensdrecht and Heide To correct crosses and put tape on other  crosses, also registered Huijbergen area.

capt Dickson registered graves at Ossendrecht cemetery.


11 December 1944: Capt Dickson goes to Nijmegen and Breda. While the Polish officer registers graves around  Huijbergen.  SCrossed are breing made for Ossendrecht cemetery  All burial returns for Bergen op Zoom cemetery.  Have been received with no difficulty as to identification. In de Ossendrecht Cemetery, only about twenty new crosses area needed. Only one soldier that we were unable to locate, Pte Watson.

First buried as unknown, but later identified.
First buried as unknown, but later identified.

14 December 1944: Capt Dickson searched for graves in the Bergen op Zoom -Huijbergen area. 


15 December 1944: The Polish officer Lt Nodzenski took a route taking him west of Woensdrecht.  Was unable to locate several German graves. Capt Dickson registered east of Roosendaal. Was unable to locate grave of Sgmn R.J. Peters

16 December 1944: Lt Nodzenski returned to Breda area flocated many Polish graves.


18 December 1944: Lt Nodzenski registered in Breda area for polish graves. 


19 December 1944: Lt Nodzenski registered in Breda area for polish graves. 


20 December 1944: Lt Nodzenski registered  graves south of Roosendaal 


5 January 1945: Lt Boudreau and Lt Clavelle registered graves in Zeeland peninsula at Lewedorp church cemetery. The majority need new crosses.


6 January 1945: Lt Boudreau and Lt clavelle registered graves at Zevenbergen area 65 graves registered.


8 January 1945: Registrations done on Zeeland peninsula and Polish graves registered in Breda Civilian Cemetery


9 January 1945: Crosses erected in on Zeeland peninsula.


10 January 1945: Crosses erected in Zevenbergen area


11 January 1945: Polish officer registered graves and erected crosses  in Breda area. Lt Clavelle and Lt Boudreau went to Moerdijk area to register American graves but were unable to do so due to enemy action.


19 January 1945: Registrations done at Steenbergen  and Tholen. 


 26 January 1945: Lt Boudreau went to Lewedorp to obtain the nominal roll of the cemetery and complete registraions in that area. 


 27 January 1945: Registrations done in the Hoogerheide area.


29 January 1945: Registrations done in the Hoogerheide area.


1 February: One officer went to Steenbergen and found the grave of W/C Guy Gibson and also the grave of S/Ldr Warwick.


3 February 1945: Hoogerheide and Ossendrech cemeteries were- re-checked  Attempted to locate several graves but with no success.


 5 February 1945: Temp cemeteries at Hoogerheide, Huijbergen and Putte were visited and re-checked.


 6 February 1945: Capt Dickson went to  Steenbergen to get information concerning the grave of W/C  Guy Gibson 

Lt Boudreau went to Zeeland Peninsaula to Wemeldinge and Lewedorp. Lt Clavelle registered graves in Roosendaal Cemetery, the majority of which were RAF and RCAF personnel.


21 February 1945: Lt Nodsenski searched for Polish graves north of S'Hertogenbosch due to enemy action had to abandon the search.


22 February 1945: Cemeteries in Tilburg and S'Hertogenbosch  were checked, Nominall roll was taken and burial returns made for those graves not registered in S'Hertogenbosch cemetery.


23 February 1945: Crosses are being made for S'Hertogenbosch cemetery  reports were made for 98 registrations.


24 February 1945: Cemetery at St MIchelsgestel visited and a nominal roll taken. It was found that only tapes were put on the crosses. Crosses are being painted with soldiers name and particulars and metallic tape nailed on the back.


18 April 1945: Proceeded to Doetinchem  where we were billited in a three story house on the outskirts of the city.


25 April 1945: Capt dickson went to Army HQ and returned with 304 burial returns for Zuthpen area 


26 April 1945: Lt Nodzensky made a survey of Zuthpen area to determine approx the number of crosses that will be needed.


29 April 1945: Lt Boudreau registered in  Deventer area.


3 May 1945: Officers putting crosses on cemeteries, and taking nominal rolls of graves.


12 May 1945: Lt Wolfe registered graves in northern part of area.


15 May 1945: Left Doetinchem arrived in Groningen 12.05hrs, billeted on a large comfortable three story house.


19 May 1945: Registrations have been made in our immediate area.


21 May 1945: Registrtions done in southern area in spite of rain.


26 May 1945: Capt Dickson and Mr McIntyre are taking nominal roll of Meppel military cemetery.


29 May 1945: Cleaning up all graves to be registered in this area.


30 May 1945: Capt Dickson and Mr McIntyre return to Meppel military cemetery.


27 June 1945: A few graves registered in vicinity of Groningen.


28 June 1945: A few graves registered in vicinity of Groningen.


3 July 1945: A few graves registered in vicinity of Groningen.


9 July 1945: A few graves registered in vicinity of Groningen.


19 July 1945: A few graves registered in vicinity of Groningen.


20 July 1945: A few graves registered in the area of Zwolle.


21 July 1945: Registration in the area of Assen.


30 July 1945: Polish section left for the Tilburg area.


1 August 1945: A few graves registered in Delftzijl area.


4 September 1945: Registration of graves in area of Coevorden.



6 September 1945: One officer and driver proceeded to Utrecht area.



8 September 1945: Identification section went to Assen area to investigate burials of unknown soldiers in area.



28 September 1945: Registration in Winschoten area.



1 October 1945: Capt R.J. Dickson proceeded to Assen to see site of new permanent cemetery.


11 October 1945: One section went to Delfzijl area to investigate Pre D Day burial.



20 October 1945: Registration in Haulerwijk area.



24 October 1945: Registration in Akrum area.



20 November 1945: Polish section proceeded to Southern Holland to register graves.



28 November 1945: Departure for new location at 13.00hrs, arrival at Deventer at 16.00hrs.



10 December 1945: Lt Archambault proceeded to register graves in this area.



18 January 1946: Lt Archambault registered grave  in this area.



12 April 1946: Lt Archambault proceeded to  Amsterdam area to correct crosses on graves.



30 April 1946: Preparations for disbandment have been completed.