3 Canadian Cemetery Construction Unit (1945)                                                                                                 

11 August: Large mound which will form base for 17ft cross being developed at Nijmegen Cemetery.


28 August 1945: Arrangements made to deliver concrete posts to Bergen op Zoom and Nijmegen.


8 September 1945: OC visited 4 Section at Bergen op Zoom 

Sgt Ratcliffe is i/c section and is making progress with the cemetery. Expect to have completed all details with exception of lettering on crosses early in November 1945.


24 September 1945:  Cpl Mincletti leaves for Assen i/c of section forming there which is to be compised of Spt Gailer,Spr Drolet and Pte Sigurdson.


25 September 1945:  The new section at  Assen is designated T Section, billetted in quarters in Rolde.


30 September 1945:  1 vehicle was dispatched to X Section,at Nijmegen Cemetery.


4 October 1945:  6 tons of conctrete despatched to Nijmegen.


6 October 1945: T6 tonners aarives with register house, crosses,etc, for Dieppe from 4 section located at Bergen op Zoom where material had been stored and painted.


11 October 1945:  OC goes to Groningen via Bergen op Zoom. Sgt Ratcliffe NCO i/c section at Bergen op Zoom was ordered to complete Register house, latrine,fence and entrance roadway by 1 November 1945.


14 October 1945:  OC received instruction to report to DADES Cdn Sec1 Ech BAOR on 15 Oct 45 ref change of location of cemetery of Assen to site to be recce'd near HoltenMap Ref of new Cemetery 110100.


17 October 1945:  Burgomaster from Holten contacted and recce carried out on high land immderiately north of Holten very favourable site located where a cemetery could be built with minumum of effort. Burgomaster was transported to Groesbeek to interview Burgomaster of the district ref procedure for cemetery construction from Dutch.


19 October 1945:  DADES and OC attend RV with burgomaster and owner of property, cannot approve property site, since its location is in centre of their hunting property. They propose an alternate location which DADES accepts. New location is very unfavourable, a piece of land with roads on three sides rising approx a 35dgr angle. Neccessitate lining of bodies with heads down hill and facing west 200yrds from windmills, summer resort and road to the same. Lt Davidson proceeds to Y Section still located at Assen.


20 October 1945:  Section HQ and quarters to be in hotel "Loss Hoes"located in Holten.


22 October 1945: Spr Milburn, proceeds to Y section to survey location of cemetery. Scraper on location of Nijmegen Cemetery. Head authorities agree to changing diagonal road across front of cemetery but as yet have not laid on just when they will do it.


27 October 1945: Caterpillar grades road leading to Nijmegen Cemetery. A total of 14000cu yards of earth moved on location.


4 November 1945: Surveying of Holten Cemetery. Extremely difficult due to uneveness of terrain. Spr Kilburn surveyor had preliminary survey completed . Spr Bates draughtsman working out mathematics of finaal grade. Cemetery to have uniform slope from front to back with 3 terraces.


7 December1945: Lt Davidson meets Burgomaster of Holten and solves  pay difficulties Y sec where civilians had not been paid for 1 month due to slight erros on part of PCLU. Policy in future is to pay and argue afterwards. Construction work in Cemetery proceeding according to plan.


18 March 1946: NCO i/c  Bergen op Zoom

reported in today to have policy on several things clarified re lettering of crosses.


16 April 1946: S/Sgt Yardy reports that black earth is available for Holten Cemetery.


18 April 1946: Inf that British have commenced construction of Cemetery 100feet from Cdn Mil Cemetery at Bergen op Zoom.


21 June 1946:  Capt Davison to Bergen op Zoom. Inspects quarters and letterig of crosses. Extremely slow at lettering since sign writer are not available, necassary to send 2 plots to Nijmegen

where  X sec as 6 sign writers enaged. These men letter 4 to 5 crosses per day under supervision of 1 OR. Total of 7 plots lettered at Bergen op Zoom.

Capt Dickson and Adams return to Nijmegen to continue conc of bodies. Extremely slow progress since 1 body take from 1 to 7 days or more to locate and even known location of graves are so badly scattered that 1 body per day is good work.Capt Adams to learn the job.


28 June 1946: Nijmegen Cemetery in good shape mounding graves now that portion of black earth is in place. Fence line being completed. Unless comprehensive reports for lettering crosses for Nijmegen and Holten are available by 15 july 1946 estimated date on completion of date 1 november 1946 cannot be attained it is opionated.


29 July 1946: Crosses at Bergen op Zoom completed and ready for photography, Expect photography to be completed soon after 15 Augst 1946. 


27 August 1946: Started taking photo's of Bergen op Zoom Cemetery.


29 August 1946: L/Cpl Lee photographer who is to go to Bergen op Zoom Cemetery.


12 September 1946: 2 Pltn progressing favourably with all tasks except photography but expect better results in future. 6 plots of Bergen op Zoom Cemetery completed. Nijmegen 90%$ mounted.


17 September 1946: Plot 19 erected at

Nijmegen Cemetery.


28 September 1946: 1 pltn finish painting crosses for Holten Cemetery.(326)


4 November 1946: Cemetery at Nijmegen turned over to I.W.G.C.


16 November 1946: Cemetery at Holten turned over to I.W.G.C.