2 Canadian Graves Registration Unit (1945)                                                                                                 

9 April 1945: Proceeded independently to Oss in holland.


14 April: The day was spent in general adminstration and in preparation for the unit move to Nijmegen.


15 April:

Unit moved to the outskirts of 

Nijmegen into a comfortable though what somewhat shelled hotel.


18 April: Some registration in the Grave area were made by Capt H.H. Oldaker.


21 April: General administration was carried out during the morning, Registrations at the temporary Cdn Cemetery at Nijmegen. made during the afternoon.


22 April: Capt H.H. Oldaker made a recce of the Groesbeek area with Lt Crothall of 234 Bomb Disposal RE following receipt of a report that there were unburied bodies there in minefields. 10 unburied mostly enemy were found.


6 May: Administration & Maintenance. The special Increment (Identification section) is with us now. We have six Unknown Canadians to identify.


17 May: Remainder of the unit moved to Apeldoorn. 

18 May: Both sections on registration today.


19 May: The unit worked in regstration during the morning.


20 May: Registration today, Lt G.L.R King in Arnhem area. Lt M.S. Low west of Amsterdam. Lt King is having some difficulty with Airborne dead in his area.


23 May: The weather has turned fine again beause we still have ony one embossing machine, it is necessary to make in most cases, two trips to each grave.


25 May: Many RAF, USAF and RCAF personnel are being found.


28 May: Normal registration. The numbers of RAF, RCAF and USAAF being found in cemeteries is increasing. If they were casualties before D. Day  June 6, 1944, they must go in on a seperate report


31 May: Normal registration Lt M.S. Low to S'Hertogenbosch and Nijmegen. 

Lt G.L.R. King on an Airforce enquiry. At the end of this month we have vert few Canadian dead outstanding but we find more Allied Airforce Pre D. Day casualties buried in local Civ Cemeteries.


4 June: Lt M.S. Low reported to Burgomaster to Groesbeek today to make enquiries re enemy and allied dead as yet unburied in that area. According to information available there are about 300 to be found and buried.


5 June: Capt H.H. Oldaker and Lt M.S. Low to D.A.A.G Army troops this morning straighten out  everything on the unburied dead near Groesbeek.

Further exhumations and enquiries south of Apeldoorn.


8 June: The airborne chaplain, who is on location of airborne bodies in the Arnhem area, contacted us today regarding information was had gathered from him. Mr King was able to pass much valuble information.


9 June:  Lt Low to Groesbeek today re-unburied dead. 


11 June: Both sections on registrations, Lt King one exhumation. Lt Low 2 exhumations.


12 June: We received 500 steel crosses which were ordered for the purpose of being erected at the Permanet Cdn Cemetery at Groesbeek.


13 June: Lt Low visited Mook again. Lt King continues on enquiries in 

Rotterdam on Unknown Airman.


16 June: Lts Low and McCullough in Groesbeek area. Lt King, Ptes Allen and McHarg to Haarlem and vinicity.


17 June: Lt King continues on enquiries, etc, up at Den Helder.


19 June: Lts Low and McCullough to Zandvoort. Lt King on enquiry at Arnhem.


20 June: Nijmegen and lichtenvoorde were areas of to-day's registrations. Considerable work done on Allied Airforce.


25 June: Registration carried out in Arnhem and vicinity of Ruurlo.


27 Jun: Registration carried out in Den Helder and Points North.


28 June: Lt King registering on the isle of 



30 June: Lt McCullough left for Groesbeek.

regarding identifying unburied Germans.


31 June: Lt McCullough carried on identifiction at Groesbeek.


2 July: Lt King to Otterloo and vincinity.



4 July:  Capt Oldaker on RAF enquiry, vincinity of Holten.


6 July: More work found in Groesbeek area. 12 German exhumed in vicinity of Arnhem.


9 July: Lt Low in the Mook area. 


10 July: Lt King to Otterloo and Arnhem. 


11 July: Work still in progress at Mook.


12 July: Lt King and Pte Allen left for three days in Rotterdam and vincinity Arnhem.


13 July: Lt King continues in enquiries in Rotterdam on Unknown Airman.


16 July: Lts Low and McCullough in Groesbeek area.Lt King  and Ptes Allen and McHarg Haarlem and vincinity.


17 July: Lt King continues on equiries etc up at Den Helder.


19 July: Lts Low and McCullough to Zandvoort. Lt King on enquiry to  Arnhem.


20 July: Nijmegen and Lichtenvoorde  were the areas of to-days registration, considerable work done on Allied Airforce.


25 July: Registration carried out in Arnhem.


26 July: Lt King and section left on a four day trip to Den Helder.


28 July: Lt King registering on the isle of Texel.


29 July: Lt King and section retunred this evening from Texel.


30 July: Lt McCullough left for Groesbeek.unburied Germans.


31 July: Lt McCullough carried in identification at Groesbeek.


2 August: Lt McCullough registered 6 Cdn graves near Almelo.


3 August:  Lt McCullough registered ten graves in Deventer and Zupthen area.


6 August: Lt King registered 30 graves at Rhenen.


7 August: Lt McCulloch answered two enquiries at Zupthen. Lt King answered enquiries at Arnhem.


9 August: Lt King has gone to Den Helder. For four days on registration.


14 August: Capt Gray  identified 9 Germans at Groesbeek and buried them in Permanent German Cemetery.


15 August:  Capt Gray completes registration of Germans at Groesbeek.


17 August: Lt McCullough registered 5 graves north of Deventer.


18 August: Capt Gray went Rhenen to register 30 graves Lt McCulloch north of Deventer to find the plane of Aiforce buried at Wijhe.


21 August: Capt Gray to Hilversum and Amersfoort to get information from corps re-location of graves.


22 August: Capt Gray goes to Hattem  and registered two Englishman.  


23 August: Capt Gray registered 19 at Rhenen and Hilversum.


24 August: Capt Gray to S'Hertogenbosch and registered 6 allied graves.


28 August: Capt Dion registered 3 at  Hilversum.


29 August: LCapt Dion to Borculo Lon registration.


3 September: Capt Dion registered 8 graves between Almelo and Zwolle.


4 September: Capt Dion registered 2 Cdns at Hilversum.


5 september: Capt Dion registered 1 Cdn near Ammerzoden.


6 September: Capt Gray went to Arnhem 

to investigation missing airman not succesful. Captain Dion registered 1 grave north of Tilburg and reported some unknown graves which will be investigated by Special Identification Unit.


7 September: Capt Gray went to Arnhem 

to investigation missing airman but was again unsuccesful in identification.


12 September: Capt Gray registered 1 Cdn grave at The Hague. 

Lt Gilinas went to Lochem and Almelo and registered 1 Cdn grave.


13 September: Lt Gelinas went to Lettele

and registered 1 Cdn grave.


14 September: Capt Gray and Lt Tardif went to Mook area. 

and registered 1 British and 6 Germans. Lt Gilinas went to Almelo and made a list of all graves in civilian cemetery.


17 September: Lt Tardif registered 1 British near Groesbeek.


18 September: Lt Gelinas registered 3 graves near Delden. Lt Tardif registered 2 near Groesbeek.


19 September: Lt Gilinas registered 11 German graves near Delden. Lt Tardif searched for Cdn missing in the Groesbeek area Lwithout success.


21 September: Lt Tardif registered  around Mook.


25 September: Lt Tardif still registering around Overflakke Island.


27 September: Lt Tardif investigated west of Amsterdam.


28 September: Lt Tardif reports approx 100 Allied pilots on Overflakke Islands.


1 October: Lt Tardif registerd about 20 RAF at Hellendoorn.


2 October: Lt Tardif investigated in area The Hague.


3 October: Lt Gilinas in area Uden. Lt Tardif at Vorden.


11 October: Lt Gelinas went to Hengelo