1 Canadian Graves Concentration Unit (1945)                                                                                                 


2 May: Increment left for S'Hertogenbosch to pick up an unknown soldier.


24 May: Capt Forbes concentrated five Canadians from the Holland border.


25 May: Captain Forbes concentrated 19 bodies from Waterlandkerkje, Holland.

Waterlandkerkje archives
Waterlandkerkje archives

28 May: Captain Forbes concentrated 15 Canadian bodies and  4 British bodies from Waterlandkerkje, Holland.


2 June: Captain Forbes concentrated 19 Canadian bodies from area of Biervliet, Holland.


12 June: Captain Forbes concentrated 25 bodies from area of Hoofdplaat, Holland.


21 June: Captain Forbes went on recce to Axel, Holland. He found 38 Poles, presumable unregistered and 47 Germans.


25 June: Captain Forbes concentrated four Canadians from Cadzand area, Holland. He found two unregistered graves.


27 June: Captain Forbes searched for a grave registered near Cadzand, Holland. But found no body.


28 June: Captain Forbes went to Hulst, Holland. He found one body in monastery garden. This is, as far as records go the last scattered grave to come to Maldegem Cemetery.