1 Canadian Cemetery Construction and Concentration Unit (1945)                                                                                                       

11 February: 09.00 A/CC arranged for departure of Det Sec "A", 4 Cdn Graves Reg Unit to Roosendaal.


14 February: 09.00, after conversation with Lt W.A. Murray it was agreed to put this unit on field return basis and continue along lines drawn up in adm order G/5 app "B " serial CM923- A Cdn Cemetery Construction and Concentration Unit.


10.30: A/OC saw Major Dunsheat who told him to go ahead with formation of unit as in above para.


18 February: A/OC went up to Tilburg and saw Major T.A.K Langstaffs before he went on leave to the UK.


12 March: 09.30 A/OC went to Antwerp tp F&S. Our indent was not ready, and the typewriters are at S"Hertogenbosch 


19 March:  09.30 A/OC went to Oss and S'Hertogenbosch for typewriters and maps.


27 March: A/OC and Cpl Lebeau proceeded to Gent for mail etc, and they will also go to Bergen op Zoom, to find out how the construction section is getting along. Uni situated at St Kruis (Belgium).


11 April: 09.00  Lt Avery visited Burgomaster regarding civilian labour and the of obtaining of an electrician  and plumber to repair fixtures in the billets occupied by Captain Symons section in Oud Gastel.


12 April: 09.00 Capt Simons left for Breda to make arrangements for rations, feul,etc,etc.


10.00:Sgt Wolfe to DD survey at Oss to pick up maps of the area in which Captain Symons sections will operate.


14 April: Lt Avery (B Section at Oud Gastel) went to pick up furniture and enquired further about hiring of 10 civilian labourers for digging graves.


20 April: 09.30, B Section at Oud Gastel Indents for civilian rations have gone in to 14 D I D, The section starting to operate Monday.


21 April: 09.00, B Section Oud Gastel  Mr Avery went to Recce to locate some Canadian Graves, and returned later in the day with a list of a number Canadian Graves.


23 April: 09.00, 3 Section Oud Gastel Captain Symons and Mr Avery took civilians out to start work. 


16.00, Ten Canadians were taken up and reburied at the new cemetery at Bergen op Zoom. Civilians were a little dubious about the work at first but now that they have started they don't mind it so much.


24 April: Captain Greer proceeded to Roosendaal and saw Captain Symons, procused maps, discussed interring for identification increment.


25 April: 9.30, Captain Greer saw Sergt Belshaw I/C construction section at Bergen op Zoom and discussed with difficulties of administration and personnel and also preparations of crosses and probably capcity of cemetery.


13.00,  B Section Oud Gastel a letter had gone forward to be authorished by 972 PCLU regarding boots on repayment to the civilian labourers. Boots are urgenlty needed due to the type of work involved.


27 April:  09.00 The indentifiction increment arrived yesterday evening and today are starting work with B Section at Oud Gastel.


28 April: 09.00 Two unknown soldiers were taken up and reburied at Bergen op Zoom cemetery. Particulars have been forwarded by identification increment. 18 other soldiers were reburied.


29 April: 9.00, The identification increment are still working with B Section at Oud Gastel, 3 unknown soldiers were taken up.


3 May:  Captain Greer to see DAAA&QMG HQ 3 CBRG to arrange collection of one 15cwt 4x4 and 1 HUP to cover expected increase of 2 60 cwt 4x4 on W.E. Sgt A.W. Belshaw of Cemetery Construction Section, Bergen op zoom, arrived and discussed personnel difficulties of his section. He is deficient one cook.


5 May: Lt Savoy, Pte wright and Pte Kawaluk left on UK leave. Capt Symons arrived from Bergen op zoom, he states he cannot operate without another vehicle. Intend sending 15cwt 4X4 truck to his on arrival. Received two cooks from 9 Bn, Pte J.F. Anderson and Pte C.A. Camberlain. Sent Pte Chamberlain to Bergen op Zoom.


4 June: Under authority of C.M.H.Q. Adm 71/45 this unit is now disbanded.