34 Graves Concentration Unit 1944                     35 Graves Concentration Unit 1944                           36 Graves Concentration Unit 1944

20 October: Moved to Neunen 10.00hrs, arrived 11.00hrs move had to be made in two trips.


21 October: Settling in new billets, DADGRE visited, Registrations.


22 October: Normal Registrations, General Duty man reported matering unit strenght up to fourteen, one over W.E.


23-26 October: Normal Registration.


27 October: DADGRE visited, recced Woensel Cemetery, registrations.


28-30 October: Normal Registrations.


31 October: Normal Registrations, DADGRE visited. During this month 356 graves were registrated making a total to date of 2392.


Strenght for November 1944

3 Officers, 3 Corporals, 8 Privates


1-3 November; Normal Registrations


4 November: DADGRE visited, registrations.


5-8 November: Normal Registrations


9 November: OC and DADGRE recced for pernament Cemetery sites, 2 were decided on one Helmond and one Best. Registrations.


10-15 November: Normal Registrations


16 November: DADGRE Registrations.


17-19 November: Normal Registrations.


20 November: OC and DADGRE recced cemetery site Venray area, two side decided on, registrations.


21 November: 15 CWT Ford condemned by REME W/Shops, Reforcement, provided by 8th Corps C.S.T.V. park on temporary loan, Registration


22 November: Normal Registrations.


23 November: Surveyed two cemeteries Venray area. Registrations. Gnr Floyd admitted for operation, septic finger.


24 November: 15cwt truck issued on temporary load taken to W/shops was given a B.L.R certificate for some. Registrations.


25-26 November: Normal Registrations.


27 November: Collected 15cwt W.T. truck on temporary loan from 8th Corps. C.S.V park. Registrations.


28 November: Normal Registrations.


29 November: DAGRE visited, Registrations.


30 November: Normal registrations. During this month 500 graves were registrated making a total to date 2892.


1-4 December: Normal Registrations.


5 December: Exchanged moves 15 cwt truck with 10 Survey Regiment RA for 15cwt Bedford truck, Registrations.


6 December: Normal Registration.


7 December: DADGRE called,Plan and layouts Temporary burial grounds discussed.


8-12 December: Normal Registrations.


13 December: DADGRE called, informed B.G of graves registration conference to be held in january. Registrations.


14 December: Surveyed Permanent Cemetery site Geldrop MR 509174, Registrations.


16-19 December: Normal Registrations


20 December: G.C. visited A Branch 8th Corps move to new area. DADGRE and OC visited Burgomast of Mierlo, regarding land for proposed cemetery site, Geldrop, Helmond Road.


21 December:  GC Recevied: for billets Heeze area, Registrations.


22 December: Pte Brayfield unit Cook, detained in Hospital ahile on 48hrs leave to Brussels. Registrations


23 December: O.C Recced for billets Leende area.


24 December: Normal Registrations.


25 December: Holiday. C in C ordered rum issue to all ranks. Received signal, unit cook Pte Brayfield was admitted to 162 Fd Ambulance, 20 December and died on 23 December.


26 December:  Registrations. Packing and clearing up for move to new location.


27 December: Moved Neunen to Leende, several journeys had to be made. Through storage of transport. Ballot for ORs leave was carried out.


28-30 December: Settling in billets, Normal Registration.


31 December: OC visited GSO 8th Corps, regarding change of vehicle.

During this month 260 graves were registered making a total to date of 3152.


24 September: Unit moved to area Westerhoven.


28 September: 157462 Lt E.G. Mott posted to W.E. WEF.


30 September: Strenght of Unit at this date 3 officers, 10 ORs.


1 October: Graves Registration continued. Unit location Westerhoven.


2 October: Command of Unit taken over by Lt E.G. Mott R.T.R.


8 October: Unit moved to Zeeland, 


9 October: Graves Registration continued.


10 October: Strenght of unit 3 Officers of 10 ORs.


12 October: Visit of DADGRE Lieutenant Saunders to 39 G.R.U.


13 October:  Lieutenant Saunders left unit to join 39 G.R.U.


18 October: One man to Hospital for minor operation. Strenght of unit now 2 Officers and 9 ORs. Graves Registration continued.


28 October: Unit moved to Meerveldhoven.


29 October: Graves Registration continued.


30 October: Two bombs dropped by enemy plane 80yards from billet. No casualties of Military Personnel. 1 Civilian killed and several injured.


31 October:  Strenght of unit 2 Officers and 9 ORs.


1 November: Unit location at Meerveldhoven. Grave Registration continued with extreem difficulties owing to Mud, Water and Mine field.


3 November: Lieutenant W.E.N. Elliot joined unit, strenght now 3 Officers and 9 ORs.


4 November: Registration Unit, Unit experienced first casualty, vehicle ran over a mine, strenght 3 Officers and 8 ORs.


7 November: New vehicle delevered and 1 Rft arrived.


8 November: Grave Registration continued.


25 November: Captain Simister joined unit, unit strenght 4 Officers and 8 ORs.


30 November: 4 Officers and 8 ORs.


1 December: Unit location, Meerveldhoven, Instructions received to move to new location.


2 December: Recce ,move for new billets at Budel. 


4 December: Move to new location.


5 December: Registration continued- started in new area.


11 December: Leave number called for.


15 December: Strenght of unit 4 Officers and 9 ORs. Registration continued.


20 December: Allotment of leave for January recieved, 2 ORs.


27 December: Strenght of unit 3 Officers and 9 ORs.


31 December: Slight enemy air activity during work, several bombs dropped in area.

12 October: Move from Axel to Uden.


16 October: Moved from Uden to Nijmegen.


18 October: All lorries overhauled by REME.


27 October:  Spr Bates RE Draughtsman reported.


13 November: Moved from Nijmegen to As, Belgium.


27 November: All  bridges over River Maas were closed to all traffic owing to flood and storm. This will seriously restrict our work on the East side.


28 November: DADGRE inspected and approved proposed cemetery at Eysden (10CCS). This will be recommened to ADGRE.