33 Graves Concentration Unit 1945                      34 Graves Concentration Unit 1945                        35 Graves Concentration Unit 1945

11 January: Left Grobbendonck, arrived Breda, Holland.


12 January: Interview DAQMG (Major Hayward) 1st British Corps Rear re Transport.


13 January: 511611 Pte Westerwood. K. OBLI (attd to unit) departed UK leave.

Interview with DADGRE 1st Canadian Army.


14-15  January:  Normal routine.


16 January: 15cwt Bedford G.S.4x2 W.D.N No.4762611, B.L.R certificate received from 1st (Br) Corps Troops W/S.

request for replacement made to G.S.D, A.D.O.S, D.D.O.S.


17 January: collected Ford 15 cwt G.S. 4x2 from 1 Corps V.P.


18 January:  Normal routine.


19 January: Captain Sunderland, B.J. Medical Trading approved "A". 8 January 1945 Medical Board  28 Dec 44.


20-21 January: Normal routine.


22 January: 1 Section moved to Middelburg, Walcheren.

Relinquishment of appointment as OC unit by Captain  H.R.L. Groom, appointment of Lieutenant B.J. Sutherlandd as such WEF 13/12/44 confirmed.


23 January: Normal routine.


24 January: Visited DADGRE 1st Canadian Army.


25 January: 5116111 Pte Westwood.K. OBLI reported from UK leave.


26-27 January: Normal routine.


28 January: Section returned from Walcheren Island,  reported that two areas could not be visited, hence graves not registered owing to flooding and bad weather conditions. DUKW made available by RE but still unable to reach Domburg and Zoutelande burial grounds.


29-31 January: Normal routine.


1-2 February: Visited DAAG 1 (Br) Corps, re UK leave, No February allotment.

50% unit Typhus insulation.


3-4 February: Normal Routine.


5 February: Exhumation of "unknown"grave established identity 14660791 Pte Walker, K, Lincs Regt, buried at Gorp 140242.


6-7 February: TET&TAB inoculations to two members of Unit. Visited by DADGRE


8 February: TET&TAB inoculations to two members of Unit. Handed outstanding AF's W3314 ref No.4 Cdn GRU on moving. Received copy signal from ADGRE re new W.E.


9-15 February:  Normal Routine.


16 February:  Exhumation of re-interment of Cpl Osborne 1 RB, water polution.


17 February:  Exhumations of 3 Canadian "unknown soldier"established identities.

B110677 Cpl Watson D.R, R.R of C.


A.59134 Pte White, D.R. Essex Scottish Rg

L.102437 Pte Dunand M.J.F, S.S.R.


18 February: 1 Sgt& 1 Cpl to Corps leave camp, Lierre (48hrs).


19 February: Normal routine.


20 February: Normal routine, received provisional March, allot UK leave.


21 February:  Normal routine, Sgt& Cpl return from leave camp.


22 February:  Normal routine.


23 February:  Normal routine, saw S.C. 1 Br corps and obtained further UK leave vacancy.


24-26 February:  Normal routine.


27 February:  Exhumation of 4 "unknowns" S.W.B established identify

14701692 Pte Markham

3908142 Cpl Metcalfe, A.

14440607 L/Cpl loftus A.V.

3914418 Pte Harding.

Exhumation of 2 "unknown soldiers"unsuccesful in establishing identity.


28 February: Normal routine, Visited DADGRE 1st Cdn Army.


1-2 March: Normal routine, visited DAAG 1 Br Corps.


3 March: Visited 84GRP (rear HQ RAF re-aircraft and crew in sea off Bergen-op-zoom.


4 March: Visited DADGRE 1st Canadian Army.

Pte Honeychurch, F (RAOC) departed UK leave.


5 March: Exhumation confirmed identity of 2/Lt Greenall, E.A. 4th Lincs Regt.

6 March: Saw SC "Q" 1 Br Corps to arrange transport for sand to make up British plot in Zulyen Cemetery, Breda.


8-9 March: Normal routine.


9 March: 1 Section to Walcheren Island to recce. Reported still not possible to visit Zoutelande and Domburg.


10-11 March: Normal routine.


12 March: T/97792 Dvr Edmunds,J. RASC departured UK leave.


13-14 March: Normal routine.


15 March: Visited ADGRE 21 Army Grp (rear)


16-17 March: Normal routine


18 March: 1802152 Gnr Eyre.H (LAA RA) departed UK leave.


19 March: April allocation, UK leave received.


20 March: Town Major Breda, visited.


21 March: Medical gradings by MO 16 C.C.S

1946867 Cpl Meredith, E. RE

T/4078815 Dvr Grail, H. RASC

918608 Dvr Dolan, J. RA (field)

14525854 Pte Honeychurch, F. RAOC

admitted to No.7 Can Hospital Turnhout, Belgium, 14525854 Pte Honeychurch F RAOC.


22 March: Medical gradings by MO 16 C.C.S

5491512 Pte Howard, J. ACC

1715632 Gnr Barlow, P. RA (HAA)

14518126 Pte Bibby,E. East Lancs


23 March: Normal routine, T/97792 Dvr Edmunds returned from UK leave. 288858 Captain D.J. Sutherland dep UK leave.

Lieutenant A.G. Brooker assumed command of unit during absence on leave of OC.


24-29 March: Normal routine.


30 March:  1802152 Gnr Eyer. H. returned from UK leave.


31 March : Normal routine.


1 April: Normal routine, Captain Sutherland returned from UK leave.


2 April: 1 Br corps come under command of 2nd British Army.


3 April: Visited Staff Captain "A" 1 Br Corps instructed to remain in present area until further notice.


4 April: Visited DADGRE, HQ L of C, S/2001737 Sgt Lampard, L. RASC departed privilege leave UK..


5 April:  Normal routine.


6 April:  1802152 Gnr Eyre.H (LAA RA) Medical catogery confirmed by MO 16 C.C.S. Two ORs (Eyre&Bibby) TAB, TETTOX.

No.10 Cdn Gen Hospital advised that 14525854 Pte Honeychurch.F. discharged send to R.H.U (designation unknown).


7 April: Normal routine. Exhumation of "unknown"soldier identified as 3915546 Cpl White, G. 2nd S.W.B.


8 April:  Normal routine, Visited DAAG HQ 5 L of C, Breda.


9 April:  Visited DAAG HQ 1 Brit Corps Dist Walbeck.


10 April: Owing to grave markings being missing it was necessary to open six graves of deceased American personnel at Moerdijk.


11 April: DAAG HQ 5 L of C visited wit list of Allied dead in Roosendaal Cemetery.


12 April:  5491512 L/Cpl Howard. J. (ACC) dep UK leave. DADGRE 1st Cdn Army visited unit. HQ 5 L of C Instruction rec'd 54-1-G, 9 april 1945.


13-15 April: Normal routine.


16 April: S/2001737 Sgt Lampard.L RASC, ret'd UK leave.


17 April:  Visited DAAG 5 L of C re burials at Roosendaal.


18 April: Normal routine.


19 April: 308747 Lt Harden. J.E. (Gen list) reported for duty to S.WEF 14 Apr 45, author WOUM/P/308747/AG14/8/2 29 March.


20 April: Received instructions to rejoin 1 BR Corps.


21 April: DAAG 5 L of C visited unit.

Handed over all outstanding enquiries to 37 GRU (relieving unit)


22 April:  Preparing for unit move.


23 April: Visited DAAG 1 BR Corps Dist HQ, Bocholt, Germany.


24 April:  Recce in Bocholt area for billets, very difficult owing to war damage.


25 April:  5491512 LCpl Howard.J. (ACC) ret'd UK leave.


26 April: Visited DAAG 5 L of C re unit move. Advance party to Bocholt, Germany.


27-28 April: Nothing to report


29 April:  Unit main party to Bocholt, Germany.

1-5 January: DADGRE visited unit, Registrations.


6 January: Lt Draffer left this unit for duty with 41 G.R.U as a Captain.


7-8 January: Registrations.


9 January: Exchanged 15cwt Bedford truck for 15cwt Ford truck, Registrations.


10 January: Pte Hayes reported for duty unit Cook. Accident to Ford truck owing to bad condition of roads. Registrations.


11 January:  Registrations.


12 January:  Dvr Gutsell proceeded on Priv leave to UK. Registrations.


13-15 January: Registrations.


16 January:  Sgt Bicknell proceeded on Priv leave to UK, Registrations.


17 January: Lieutenant A Waywell reported for duty as Registration Officer. Registrations.


18 January: Lt Dawson and 20 I section returned to unit from Detachment 1st Corps away from unit 14 weeks. Registration.


19-21 January: Registrations.


22 January: Capt Ratcliffe (OC) proceeded to UK on privelege leave. Registrations.


23 January:  Registrations, Pte Clark proceeded to UK on privelege leave. Registrations.


24 January:  Visit by DADGRE 2nd Army (Major Lingard) Registrations.


25 January:  Dvr Gutsell and Pte Jones returned from privelege leave in UK.


26-27 January: Registrations.


28 January: Vehicle maintenance. Sgt Bricknall returned from privelege leave in UK.


29-31 January:  Registrations. One exhumation carried out for operational reasons.


1-12 February: Normal registration.


13 February: DADGRE visited. Lieutenant Davidson reported for duty as Registration Officer.


14 February: OC visited. 'A' Branch, 8th Corps rear. Registrations.


15-16 February: Normal registrations.


17 February: Lt Austin reported for duty as Registration Officer. Registrations.


18-19 February: Normal registrations


20 February: DADGRE visited. OC visited 'A' Branch 8th Corps rear. Registrations


21-24 February: Normal registrations.


25 February:  Cpl Ellis proceeded on Pril leave to UK. Registrations.


26 February: OC met DADGRE by appointment DCRE office and tok one of his GE's to inspect Cemetery site, Mierlo and Overloon. Registrations.


27 February: Registrations.


28 February:  Lt Dawson left the unit posted to 48 G.R.U as acting Captain. Registrations.


1 March: Collected 3 ton vehicle and MC from 8th Corps Vehicle point which made up new vehicle WE for G.R.Us. Registrations.


2 March: OC Recce Horst  district for Cemetery site. 3 sites decided on. Registrations.


3 March: Registrations.


4 March:  DADGRE visited. Registrations.


5-6 March: Registrations.


7 March: DADGRE and OC visited Burgomaster Horst regarding land for proposed Per Cemetery on main Horst road. Registrations.


8-18 March: Registrations .


19 March: OC visited 'A' Branch, 8th Corps rear. DADGRE visited. Registrations.


20-24 March: Registrations.


25 March:  OC visited 'A' Branch regarding move to Germany, Recce for billets Issum.


26 March: Move from old loction Leende to Issum, Germany.



1 January:Unit locations still at Bladel.

Grave Registrations continued inder extreme difficulties, due to bad weather conditions, snow and ice.


8 January: Snow continues to fall slighty.


10 January: Registrations temporarly  vehicle unable to travel with safety.


20 January:  Orders to move to new location Steinforthwith.


22 January: Unit moved to Stein, unit located in billits.


24 January: Registration continued, two ORs UK leave during January. Vacancies for 1 Officer and 1 OR for February.


1 February: Unit still located at Stein.


2 February: Weather conditions improved and pregistration proceeding with good effect.


3 February: Instructions received regarding move to new location.


5 February: Permission obtained to remain in present location owing to amount of outstanding registrations.


10 February:  Lt Miller proceeded to UK on compassionate leave.


11 February: On WO instructions Captain Mott proceeded on leave to UK on compassionate grounds.


12 February: Lt Bentley, Essex Regiment attached to Unit as Registration Officer.


14 February: Registration difficult on some areas owing to locations being mined.


19 February:   OR proceeded on priv leave to UK.


22 February: 1 OR UK priv leave vacancy alloted to Unit for March.. 2 ORs elegible for leave, still awaiting vacancies.


23 February:  Received information regarding new War Establisment for unit and necessary action taken in cinnecton therewith. Some slight enemy arial activity. Bombs dropped in vicinity.


24 February: Lt Miller to 39 G.R.U in rank of A/Captain.


26 February: Lt miller returned from UK proceeded to new unit.


27 February: Most graves locations registered. Difficult to get at Graves located in mined areas.


1 March: Unit still ocated at Stein.


2 March:  Grave Registrations continued.


10 March: Instructions received to move to new location in Germany.


11 March: One section moved into new location, Kevelear.


16 March:  Remaining section moved into new location, believed that this unit was the first G.R.U to take up residence in Germany.