36 Graves Registration Unit 1946                       37 Graves Registration Unit 1946              55 Graves Concentration Unit 1946    

2 January: Unit still at Utrecht, Lt J.R. Liddell appt O.C. 69 GRU in rank of Captain.


8 January: Capt P. Southworth Mentioned in Dispatches.


9 January:  2 men struck off strenght.


15-31 January: 3 men struck off strenght.


6-18 February: 3 men struck off strenght.


23 February: Gnr F.McKay involved in motor accident, admitted to 106 Br Gen Hospital and struck off strenght.


5-31 March: 3 men struck off strenght, 6 men taken on strenght.


1 April: Gnr E. Townley, admitted to Netherlands Military Hospital.


17-19 April: 2 men taken on strenght.


3-5 May: 2 men demobbed.


9- 31 May: 5 men Taken on strenght.

1 January: Unit at Tilburg, O.C. visit Nijmegen Cemeteries. Registrations Normal routine.


2-5 January: Normal routine, Registrations.


6 January: Rest Day.


7-12 January: Normal routine, Registrations.


13 January: Rest Day.


14-20 January: Normal routine, Registrations.


21 January: Rest Day.


22-29 January: Normal routine, Registrations.


30 January: Sergeant Witcher proceeded to Belgium on a three day tour photographing Graves in Belgium Cemeteries.


31 January: Normal routine, Registrations.


1 February: Normal routine, Registrations.


3 February: Vehicle maintenance.


4 February: Office adminstration, no Registrations.


6-9 February: Normal routine, Registrations.


10 February: Registrations equiries are made daily the unit is finding it difficult to carry out its work with the effenciency it would like to to do. This is entirely due to the unit limit strenght being well below W.E especially in officers.


11-16 February: Normal routine, Registrations.


17 February: Rest day.


18 February:  Sergeant Witcher proceed to Belgium to photograph a number cemeteries.


19 February: Normal routine, registrations.


20 February: Captain ... attend conference concerning Arnhem Cemetery.


21-22 February: Normal routine, registrations.


24 February: Rest Day.


25-28 February: Normal routine, registrations. 


1-2 March: Owing to bad weather no registrations.Administration day.


3 March: Rest day.


4 March: It is becoming strongly that the type of vehicles employed for registration work during the winter weather( ie 15cwt 4x2) is not situated  for the area required to be visited for locations of graves. Its suggested that vehicles of the Humber 4x4 would be ideal.


5 March: Visit from Norwegian Mil Misson in connection with concentration of Norwegians dead to Norway. Also visit from MRE Section (RAF) The Hague, in the person of Lt Leigh Murray in connection ith enquiries.


6-8 March: Normal Registration work.


9-10 March: Rest day.


11 March: Lt H.L.O Smith taken on strenght.


12-15 March: Normal registrations.


16 March: Vehicle maintenance.


17 March: Rest day.


18-23 March: Normal Registration Duties.


24 March: Rest day.


25 March: Unit receiving many enquiries from Dutch civilians on behalf of people in England. Normal Duties.


26-30 March: Normal Registration Duties.


31 March: Rest day.


1-2 April: Normal Registration duties.


3 April: DAD Belgium-Holland visited unit, settled many points.


4 April: Normal Registration Duties, one vehicle to Workshop for repair, MRES (RAF) visited unit.


5 April: Normal Registration Duties.


7 April: Rest Day.


8-12 April: Normal Registration.


14 April: Rest day.


15-18 April: Normal Registration Duties.


19 April:  OC visisted 72 GRU and MRES for photographic material in reference to enquiries.


21-22 April:  Rest Day.


23-26 April: Normal Registration Duties.


28 April: Rest Day


29-30 April: Normal Registration Duties.


8-11 May: Normal Registration Duties.


12 May: Rest Day.


13 May: Normal Registration Duties. Telephone changed over to civil exchange, difficult to get call through. O.C to coference at Arnhem with DAD Belgium/Holland in respect to Arnhem Cemetery.


14-18 May: Normal Registration Duties, Vehicle situation still bad, only two vehicles fit for duty. Telephone system has improved but long delays in getting calls.


19 May: Rest Day


20-25 May: Normal Registration Duties.


26 May: Rest Day.


27 May: Normal Registration Duties, Sgt Neiser (photographer 36 GRU) visited unit with reference to produce of photography.


28-31 May: Normal Registration Duties.


1 June: Normal Registration Duties.


2 June: Rest Day.


3 June: Normal Registration Duties.


4 June: Commander 7 L of C visited unit. Staff Captain DADGRE visited unit. Amendments to crosses in Mierlo Cemetery commenced.


5 June: Normal Registration Unit.


6 June: Normal Registration Unit. Photographer from 36 GRU attached to unit for work in Mierlo Cemetery


7 June: Normal Registration Duties. Amendements to crosses in Mierlo Cemetery   completed.


9 June: Rest Day.


10-13 June: Normal Registration Duties.


14 June: MRES (RAF) visits unit in reference to RAF in Arnhem area. Normal Registration Duties.


15 June: Vehicle Registration.


16 June: Rest Day.


17-22 June: Normal Registration Duties.


23 June: Rest Day.


24 June: Normal Registration Duties.


25 June:  MRES (RAF) visited unit reference RAF missing, Normal Registration Duties.


26-29 June: Normal Registration Duties.

copyright Vlissingen archive
copyright Vlissingen archive

9 January: Returned from leave.


12 January: Captain Druce proceeded on leave UK, O.C Inpsection of leave.


14 January: Normal work.


21 January: OC goes to 5 L of C in Breda.


24 January: 


28 January:  Concentrations at Oploo.


30 January:  Concentrations at Oploo.


31 January:  Special Concentrations at   Nijmegen.


 1 February: OC goes to 5 L of C in Breda.


5 February: Planting of bulbs in Cemeteries.


6 February: Normal work carried out.


7 February: Planting of bulbs in Cemeteries.


19 February: Captain Barnfield, left for The Hague.


22 February: Normal work carried out.


25 February: OC to Enschede, to make arrangements with Burgomaster for exhumations on Civil Cemeteries.


27 February: OC visits to DADGRE in Utrecht.


28 February: OC to Gendringen for special exhumations.


1 March: Capt Hill and Capt Barnfield reported tp HQ for conference.


3 March: Inspection of Cemetery progress by OC


4 March: Visited Oss British Cemetery and reported situation.


5 March: Normal work.


9 March: Checking and location cemeteries.


11 March: Billet inspection by O.C.


12 March: O.C visited D Section operating in Gheel area.


13 March: Special Investigations by O.C..


14 March: Exhumations re Special Enquiries.


15 March: OC's meeting with DADGRE for investigation of s'Hertogenbosch Cemetery.


18 March: Investigations of special Enquiries by O.C.


19 March: Special concentrations by O.C.


25-29 March: Concentrations carried out by O.C.


2 April: OC visited DADGRE, Captain Druce detached to Enschede. Captain Lumb joined this unit.


3 April: OC visited DAAG and DADOS at Breda.


5 April: OC carried out exhumations at Venlo. Captain Druce returned from Enschede.


8 April: Special exhumations carried out by O.C. 85 Town Major visit thus unit.


9 April: Exhumations and Concetrations carried out by O.C. at Milsbeek.


10 April: Concentrations carried out by O.C.


11 April:  Normal Work.


15 April: Captain Druce took over Command of unit.


16 April: Captain Druce carried out concentrations at Milsbeek.


17 April: Captain Druce carried out concentrations at Milsbeek, Gennep area completed.


23 -24 -25April: Captain Druce carried out concentrations in Milsbeek Cemetery. 


26 April: Captain Druce visited DADGRE at Utrecht.


28 April:  O.C returned from UK leave.


30 April: OC visited DADGRE at Utrecht.


1 -2 May: Concentration of Isolated Graves into Milsbeek British Cemetery.


4 May: Visit by O.C. to AWS 5 L of C Sub area, Breda.

O.C in attendance at Anniversary of Netherlands Liberation Cememony at Mierlo British Cemetery.


6-8 May: Renovating work in Oosterbeek British Cemetery.


10 May: O.C condutcs special investigations and exhumation at Margraten, Holland.


13 May: Renovating work in Oosterbeek British Cemetery. 


6-8 May: Renovating work in Oosterbeek British Cemetery. conference with DADGRE, O.C 80 GRU and O.C. 37 GRU re the construction of Oosterbeek British Cemetery.


14-15  May: Work commenced on enlarging of Jonkerbosch British Cemetery.


16-17 May: Tour of Cemeteries by Major-General Sir Robert Gordon Finlayson (IWGC).


20- 24 May: Concentrations into Uden British Cemetery. D Section recalled from Geel, Belgium.


26 May: Conference with Staff Captain (Graves) at Utrecht re-Oosterbeek British Cemetery.


27 May: Confernce with Staff Captain ST 7 L of C Sub area re-conditions ofthr Unit transport and the difficulties experienced in overcoming these difficulties


28 May: Concentrations into Uden British Cemetery, Graves moved from Oss British Cemetery (Codemned).


29 May: O.C. carried out Special Investigations and Concentration in Vessem area.


31 May: Concentrations into Uden British Cemetery.


3 June: Special Investigations and concentrations carried out into Jonkerbos British Cemetery.


4-6 June: O.C. Special investigations at Uden, Unit concentrating into Uden British Cemetery.


7 June: Renovating work in Oosterbbek British Cemetery (Arnhem).


11 June: concentrating work into Uden British Cemetery.


12 June: Renovating work at Milsbeek Cemetery. Concentrating into Uden Cemetery.


14 June: Renovating work at Valkenswaard Cemetery.


15 June: Handed over Valkenswaard, Milsbeek and Kasterlee Cemeteries to IWCG.


17 June: Concentrations and exhumations in Uden British Cemetery.


18 June: Proceeded to Venray British Cemetery, for concentrating duties.


19 June: D Section concentrating into Venray, A Section working at Uden.


20 June: O.C to Antwerp for M.T. conference with Major Ford. Cemetery boards taken round cemeteries in Northern Holland.


21 June: Cemetery boards taken in Belgium. Unit working at Uden Cemetery.


22 June: O.C to Antwerp for conference with DADGRE, Unit concentrating into Venray British Cemetery, Unit at Arnhem putting up new fencing.


25 June: O.C to Enschede. Working at Arnhem continuing.


26 June: O.C at Enschede, Concentrations at Uden.


28 June: Renovating work carried out at Venray British Cemetery.