36 Graves Concentration Unit 1945                      37 Graves Concentration Unit 1945                          39 Graves Concentration Unit 1945

All days Graves Registrations.


29 January:  Moved from Gembloux, Belgium to Beek, Holland.


31 January: Conference with DADGRE 1 Canadian Army.

Thus unit now attached to 1 Cdn Army.


1-11  February: Graves Registrations.


12 February:  3 Ton lorry was added to the establishment and Cpl promoted Sjt as per new W.E 1V/146/2, also additional personnel applied for.


13-14 February: Graves Registration.


15 February:  Maas area badly flooded, and together with numerous traffic diversions work was impeded in that area. Lt- T/Capt S.F. Horsey attached to this unit.


16-30 February: Graves Registrations.


1-15 March: Graves Registrations.


16 March: Moved from Beek, Holland to Goch, Germany.


4 April: Unit moved from Goch, to Aalten, Holland.


11 April: Unit moved from Aalten, Holland to Lattrop, Holland.


19 April: Unit moved from Lattrop, Holland to Steinfeld, Germany.


12 June:  HQ moved from Bassum, Germany to Wierden, Holland. 1 section remains at Bassum pending orders to join Berlin Task Force, unit comes under command 1 Cdn Army.


25 June: HQ moved from Wierden, Holland to Brunswick, Germany. Units comes under comand 7 Armd Division.


29 June: HQ moved from Brunswick to Almelo, Holland. Unit comes under command 1 Cdn Army.


6 July: Det moved from Brunswick to Spandau, Berlin.

1 Sec under command Berlin area.


20 July: Pte Colbourne, Sussex Regt was taken on strength. 


6 August:  Pte Finch S Lan Regt taken on strength of unit.


15 August: Lt T H. Flanagan KOSB taken on strength of unit.


16 August: Lt J.R. Liddell A&S.H. taken on strength of unit.


21 August: HQ moved to Utrecht.

Unit still under command 1 Cdn Army,


8 September:  Lt W.J. West appointed OC 53 G.R.U in rank of Captain and SOS w.e.f 4 sept 45.

Captain C.J. Benest appointed DADGRE (Belgium&Holland) & SOS w.e.f 14/7/45.

Lt F. Southworth appointed OC w,e,f. 14/7/45 in rank of Captain.


11 September: Gnr Eastwood, R. taken on strength of unit.



22 September:  Pte Merrick, W.H. Struck off Strength.













17 April: Unit moves to Tilburg, (5 L of C area). Area of responsibility, Holland as far as ... permits.


21 April: OC and Section Officer recce for duties of section working in area Nijmegen-Arnhem.


23-30 April: 1 Section to Arnhem  for four days to cover the area and mark graves of personnel buried during the operation at Arnhem. Sept 44.

Remainder of unit, Normal routine.


1 May: Normal routine of registration. One section in the area of Arnhem. One section Walcheren area.


2-4 May: Normal work-Registrations


5 May:  Order received to cease Offensive Operations. Normal work, registrations.


6 May: Normal duties, 1 officer detailed to visit Schoonselhof (Belgium).


7 May: Normal duties, registrations


8 May: VE Day, Normal duties.


9 May: Normal duties, Registration of Graves.


10 May: OC visit HQ 21 A Grp regarding re selection of cemetery Arnhem area.


11-15 May:  Normal duties, Registrations


16 May: OC visited area Eindhoven in connection with W.O.


17 May: Enquiries, 1 section working in Roosendaal area. 


18-26 May: Normal routine.


27 May: Normal routine, graves registration, 1 section to Arnhem.


28-29 May: Normal routine, Graves Registration.


30 May:  Normal routine, 1 section returned from Arnhem.


31 May: Normal routine.


1 June: Normal routine, Graves Registration.


2 June:  OC Coy visited Mook and Arnhem Cemetery sites.


3 June: Normal routine. Officer 1 sec from Airborne Corps AM.


4 June: Visit by ADGRE for purpose of selection sites at Arnhem. Section General Duties.


5 June: OC Unit accompanied ADGRE 21 Grp to Arnhem. Sites for Arnhem British Cemetery, selected. Proceeded to Mook British Cemetery.  site selected.

Returning to Tilburg via Oploo The Divisional Temp Cemetery at Oploo visited. by ADGRE with a view of making a permanent cemetery site.


6 June:  ADGRE visit area. OC  Coy proceeded on leave Command handed back to Captain A.E. Stephenson.

Normal duties OC unit proceeded on leave


7 June: Contacted Pioneer unit ref work on Mook Cemetery.


8 June: Normal duties


9 June: Lt Frank in preparation work on Arnhem Cemetery.


10-13 June:  Normal duties.


14 June: Recce of Bergen op Zoom area.


15 June: Work on Mook Cemetery, completed.


16 June: Normal duties.


17 June:  OC Unit returns from leave, unit handed over.


18-20 June: Normal duties.


21 June: Normal duties, OC Unit visited, Nijmegen area.


22-26 June: Normal duties.


27 June:  Normal duties, section attached from Airborne  Corps, returns to UK.


28 June: Director General and ADGRE visit  unit on tour of inspection. Unit General Routine.


29 June: Inspection ends. Division General departs.


30 June:  Normal duties.


1 -3 July: Normal routine.


4 July: Normal work on preparation of Arnhem British Cemetery.


5-7 July: Normal routine, Registrations.


8 July: Rest day for all ranks.


9-10 July: Normal routine.


11 July: Normal routine, 1 Sec from 1st Airborne Corps, attached for work in Arnhem area.


12 July: Normal work, OC visit ADGRE , plans for, Arnhem British Cemetery. 


13-19 July: Normal routine.


20 July:  Normal routine, Lt Frances posted to Command 30 G.R.U.


21-23 July:  Normal routine.


24 July: Normal routine, 1 Sec Airborne Corps, completed work in Arnhem area.


25 July: Normal routine, 1 Sec Airborne corps attached return to UK.


26 July:  Normal routine, ADGRE visit, unit in connection with work on Arnhem area.


27-31 July: Normal routine.


1 August:  Commenced of constructions of Arnhem British Cemetery. Captain A.E. Stephenson, left on release work in connection with above cemetery.


2-4 August: Work in connection with above cemetery.


5 August: Conference with OC 39&48 G.R.U sections. Relating to the work of concentrations.


6-10 August: Burials in Arnhem  Cemetery.


11 August: Normal routine.


12 August: Rest day


13- 16 August: Burials in Arnhem  Cemetery.


17-18 August: Work in Arnhem Cemetery.


19 August: Rest day.


20-24 August: Work in Arnhem Cemetery.


25 August: OC visits DDGRE. Burials in connection with above work.


26 August: Rest day.


27 August:  Work in Arnhem Cemetery.

Lt Stranger attends Commanders sub area conference. ADGRE visit unit and OC accompanied him to Apeldoorn to meet GOC 1st Airborne Division in connection with the Arnhem Cemetery.


28-31 August: Work in Arnhem Cemetery and Normal routine.

Batman/Driver arrives o complete W/E.


1 September: Normal administration routine.


2 September: Rest day.


3 September : Continuation of concentrations in Arnhem Cemetery with 48 GRU. Registration equiries carried out in Maas  area.


4 September: Concentrations at Arnhem.

Enquiries executed in Valkenswaard area.


5 September: Liaison with RAF M.R.E section re Arnhem area.

Concentrations at Arnhem continued.


6 September: Concentrations at Arnhem.


7 September: Concentrations at Arnhem.  Enquiries cleared at Uden Cemetery. 


8 September: Normal admin routine.


9 September: Rest day.


10 September: Commanders conference at HQ 5 L of C. Arnhem  concentrations continued. Enquiries ar St michelgestel  military plots.


11 September: Further  work in connection with Arnhem Cemetery. 


12 September: Arnhem concentrations. 5 L of C Military Tournament at Breda.


13 September: Arnhem Cemetery,  Registrations at Turnhout en Zevendonk.


14 September: Arnhem concentrations.


15 September:  Normal admin.


16 September: Rest day.


17 September:  Comd's conference HQ 5 L of C. Arnhem concentrations, DDGRE and A.G 13 visit un it in connection with current work and area cemeteries visits.


18 September: Arnhem concentrations. Cemetery visited with A.G.13.


19 September: Arnhem concentrations. DDGRE and A.G.13 depart.


20 September: Normal duties at Arnhem.


21 September: Arnhem Cemetery concentrations. Registration at Schijndel.


22 September: Normal admin. OC visit DDGRE office.


23 September: Rest day.


24 September: Arnhem Cemetery clearance work.


25 September: Ceremony at Arnhem Cemetery. Representives from 1st Airborne Division, Dutch Army Canadian Army, DDGRE, Graves Section and local civilians.

26 September: Continuation of concemtrations on Arnhem Cemetery.


27 September: Arnhem concentrations.


28 September: Normal duties. Liaison with Burgomaster department at Apeldoorn re-movement of Airborne  Division graves locally.


29 September: Admin duties.


30 September: Rest day.


1 October: Normal routine.


2 October:  Registration enquiries carried out at Oss and Heesch. 

F/Lt Larke RAF. MRES, called regarding a Stirling aircraft which crashed at Arnhem in Sept 44, limited info was available. Further enquiries are to be made.


3 October: Concentrations into Arnhem Cemetery, continued.


4 October:  Arnhem concentrations continued.



5 October:  Arnhem concentrations continued. Registration enquiries. carried out at Vught.


6 October: Normal routine.


7 October: Rest day.


8-9 October:  Normal routine.


10 October: OC returns from Priveledge leave.


11-12 October: Work in Arnhem Cemetery.


13 October:  OC visit DDGRE re Arnhem Cemetery.


14 October: Rest day.


15-19 October: Work in Arnhem Cemetery.


20 October: OC visit Schoonselhof Cemetery.


21 October: Rest day.


22-31 October: Work in Arnhem Cemetery.


1-3 November: Work in connection with Arnhem Cemetery.  1 Section working in  the Walcheren area. 1 Section working in the Nijmegen area.


4 November:  Rest day.


5 November: OC attends 5 L of C S.A. conference. Registration officer prepare work for remaining work.


6-7 November:  OC at Arnhem Cemetery.

 Section working in  the Walcheren area. 1 Section working in the Nijmegen area.


8 November:  Work at Arnhem Cemetery.


9 November: 2 Sections returns from Area and complete work.


10 November: Admin work.


11 November: Armistice Day Service, Rest day.


12 November: Officer attends HQ 5 L of C SA Conference.


13-14  November: OC Arnhem Cemetery, Lt ..... Registration work at Nijmegen. Lt Stranger registration work local area.


15-17 November: Work in Arnhem Cemetery, Registrations officer, Normal work.


18 November: Rest day.


19-21 November: Work in Arnhem Cemetery.


22 November: OC proceeded 72hrs leave, Lt Strangers assumed command.


23 November: Registration work.


24 November: Inter Ceremony.


25 November: Rest day.


26 November: Lt Wyldeck attends HQ 5 L of C Conference. Lt Stranger registration.


27 November:  OC Arnhem Cemetery, Section Nijmegen area Registration


28 November: Registration Officers, Normal Registration work.


29-30 November:  OC Arnhem Cemetery.  Normal Registration work.


1-2 December: Rest day.


3-8 December: Normal routine, Registrations


9 December: Rest day.


10-15 December: Normal routine, Registrations.


16 December: Rest day.


17-23 December: Normal routine.


24-26 December: Christmas Break.


27 December: OC visit Arnhem.


28-29 December: Normal routine, 1 OR Priv leave.


30 December: Rest day.


31 December:   OC attend conference.

6 April: Recieved an order from A.D to send a section to Valkenswaard, Holland.


7 April: A Section, detailed for Holland, handed over "Falaise"to C Section.


9 April: A Section left for Holland.


23 May: Captain Waywell, (D Section) proceeded to Holland, to relieve Captain Williams while on leave.


1 June: OC D Section still in Holland, commanding A Section during Captain Williams leave.


6 June:  Captain Williams returned from Holland.


30 June:  Concentrations, 411 from Holland (A Section).


31 July:  In Holland A Section on detachment continued to make good progress. 652 Concentrations made in Holland in July.


31 August:  Captain Miller proceeded to Valkenswaard, Holland to relieved Captain Williams 28th August.


17 September: Captain miller returned from Valkenswaard leaving A Section under command of 37 G.R.U.

Holland 1441 Registrations.


10 October: A Section returned from detached duty in Holland.