55 Grave Concentration Unit:


Valkenswaard was the first village to be liberated on the main line of the British advance into Holland in September 1944. The cemetery, which lies in a pinewood, contains over 220 graves, almost all of them are those of men who fell in the fighting in the woods around Valkenswaard during that month. All the men buried here belonged to the forces of the United Kingdom.

 (August 2107)


On the 5th of October 1945 The 55 Graves Concentration Unit (then still called 55 Graves Registration Unit) settled in Valkenswaard.


There job was to exhume, identify and rebury the war death of the Common Wealth. The war death were being concentrated in war cemeteries instead of their original graves which were spread out all over the country. They worked on different war cemeteries in the south of Holland and the north of Belgium.


On the 14th of June 1946 they were still doing renovating work at the Valkenswaard war cemetery and handed the cemetery over to the Imperial War Graves Commision on the 15thof June 1946.

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