37 Grave Regsitration Unit War Dairy:


5th June 1945:  OC Unit accompanied AGRE 21 Grp to Mook British Cemtery, site selected.

The village was entered by parachutists of the 82nd U.S. Airborne Division on 17th September, 1944; fighting continued in and around the village for four or five days until British armoured troops completed its liberation.


The men buried in this cemetery died for the most part either during the fighting in the vicinity in September and October 1944, or at the time of the advance into Germany in February 1945; a few were casualties during the intervening period of artillery and patrol activity.


There are now 311, 1939-1945 Commonwealth war casualties commemorated in this site, of these 15 are unidentified. Also commemorated here are 11 Foreign National casualties. (August 2017)

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