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Tull en 'twaal is 12 kilometres south of Utrecht and 55 kilometres east-north-east of Rotterdam. This small cemetery lies on the south side of the Protestant church, which is in the centre of the village. In the south-eastern corner is the joint grave of 2 British soldiers.

Known unto God

The body of this person (soldier) was discovered in the river Lek om 23 November 1944.

When I asked an inhabitant in the small village some 20 years ago, he told me that he was there when they found the body, he said that it was almost naked, but worn army boots, and only a trunk which he think was made from parachute, and had a gun shot wound.


Years later I was told of a story of 2 soldiers who crossed the Rhine only dressed in swimming trunks, and shoes/boots and are missing since.

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TULL AND 'T WAAL - Advanced DNA testing has no name returned from the war, drowning in Tull en' t Waal , The Salvage and Identification Service of the Royal Netherlands Army has announced to RTV Utrecht that no match has been found despite very lengthy investigation . The man washed ashore late 1944 in the floodplains of the river Lek. Experts assume that it is an English soldier , who was killed at the Battle of Arnhem , but that has not been demonstrated . The victim had only underwear and combat boots on . He was shot in the back. In 2011, grave 49 reopened behind the reformed church in Tull en 't Waal to exhume the remains. That was the second time since the British graves service had been flat even though study after the war. The extensive research has also yielded nothing by Dutch soldiers . The remains are therefore soon be reburied in the church in Tull en 't Waal , still without a name .