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Identified Casualties:

Location Information

Heteren is a small village 12 kilometres south-west of Arnhem, on the south bank of the Neder (Lower) Rhine. The cemetery is 800 metres south of the village in Achterstraat, by the roundabout with the junctions of Flessestraat and Polderstraat. The Commonwealth war graves are on the western side of the main path.

Historical Information

Two of the airmen buried here are not indentified.

Known unto God

2 Unknown Airmen are buried on the Cemetery as a result of the fighting in the area from 17th September 1944-26th September 1944.


Graves 2.A.12 and 2.A.18 most likely holds the 2 missing crew members of Stirling LK-127 who crashed at Heteren on 20-09-1944.

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