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Identified Casualties:

Location Information

Ede is a town 18 kilometres north-west of Arnhem on the Arnhem-Utrecht road. The cemetery is about 1 kilometre from the centre of the town, on the western side of the road to Otterloo. The British plot is in the north-western part of the cemetery.

Historical Information

In the family vault near the cemetery entrance is buried a Dutch civilian, Emile Rudolf Kerkhoven, who aided the British forces by acting as a guide at the time of the Arnhem airborne landings.

Known unto God

2 Unknown soldiers are buried on the Cemetery as a result of the fighting in the area from 17th September 1944-26th September 1944.

Both were found east of Ginkel Heath at Ede on 12-04-1947 near the work camp, with them was found an army paybook and a wallet.


Apparently an unknown soldier has been buried in plot 15-H-31. His grave was found in early August 1946, and the reburial took place on the 5th of that month. There were no personal effects, but it was registered that the man was killed in September 1944. It is assumed that these mortal remains were transferred to another cemetery later, since this plot is empty now.



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Document from the Ede archives, about the find of the 2 unknown soldiers on Ginkel Heath in 1947.