Private Lawrence Radolph Serre The South Saskatchewan Regiment, missing in action since 27 October 1944.


Private Lawrence Radolph Serre  A/109551 went missing on 27 October 1944.


His Regiment The South Saskatchewan Regiment was in action then in Zeeland.


On the 27th the Regiment was in positions east of Schore and north of Kruiningen.

The objective was the Canal through Beveland


Both bridges above Schore were blown up, so the Canal could only be crossed by assault boats. It was decided to made the crossing south of the road bridge.

Time the crossing would be at 16.00hrs.

However due German opposition, it was not unitl 19.15hrs when the crossing took place.


After the crossing the Companies  moved along the railway track, opposition was met near the railway bridge 800 yards from the Canal, when a 20mm gun openend up the Regiment suffered some casualties (maybe Private Serre was one of them. the 20mm gun was put out of action by Artillery fire.

Position was taken for that night near the bridges.

The following morning they occupied Schore.


Of the 27th October casualties only 1 is missing, The others are buried at Schoonselhof Cemetery in Belguim, not sure if they were involved in the action or that maybe they died of wounds in a hospital. Because casualties before and after the 27th were buried at Bergen op Zoom Canadian War Cemetery. First burial locations were Krabbendijke and Kruiningen.


In the archives, there are some information about an ID tag  which was marked A.109551 LR SERRE RC CDN. 

This and other items where brought to the townhall by civilians who buried soldiers who where killed during the liberation of Schore.

He was buried at 30 October on the cemetery.


In June 1946 the Burgomaster of Kapelle wrote to the Red Cross that this ID tag possible belonged to the only Canadian soldier who was buried at the local cemetery of Schore.  It turned out that the tag and the other items where brought to the Red Cross bureau at Middelburg, who then wrote the Burgomaster in Januari 1946 for information about these items.


The body of the then unknown Canadian soldier was brought to Bergen op Zoom Canadian War Cemetery Grave 7.E.11.

Why the tags where taken from the bodies is not known, also not sure why the connection wasn't made with this available information to that of the body taken from Schore Cemetery to Bergen op Zoom, was there no contact between the Grave Unit and the Townhall/Burgomaster?.


Which now makes that it most likely that the unknown soldier buried at  Bergen op Zoom Canadian War Cemetery Grave 7.E.11 is Private Serre.

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