Flight Sergeant William George Parkinson, missing in action since 22 June 1943


Flight Sergeant William George Parkinson, R/105126 went missing on 22 June 1943, when he and his other crew flew Wellington HZ519 of 429 Squadron Stade/Utersen, Germany. They failed to return to their base at East Moor, after this raid on Krefeld.


It is known they crashed into "The Keeten" a estuary at the Oosterschelde near Staveren, Zeeland.


Of the five crew members three where identified  and are buried at Vlissingen War Cemetery.


Navigator Flight Sergeant John Kopchuk, Row F. Grave 3, he washed up on 22 June, together with 2 others in a dingy, at Wemeldinge, one them later being identified as Bomb Aimer Sergeant James P.G. O'Reilly. He is buried Row F. Grave 1.


The Wireless Operator/Air gunner Sergeant Casimir Frank Orlinkski washed up on the 26th also at Wemeldinge, he was buried also at Vlissingen Row.F. grave 10.


When going through the personal files of the crew members the file of the Navigator holds a photograph of 3 graves at Vlissingen War Cemetery,  (Graves 160-161) with 2 unknowns and a in the middle a cross with three names on, those of : Star, Kopchuk and Parkinson.


We know that Sergeant O'Reilly was identified and is buried left of this grave  Row.F grave 1, (159) so the grave with the 3 men is most likely grave 2 (160) which now holds an unknown which is either Sergeant Star or Sergeant Parkinson.

grave 3 is that of Sergeant Kopchuk. (161)


It is not known why grave 2 was not identified as that of either Sergeant Star or Sergeant Parkinson.

Dutch Archive Vlissingen