Sergeant Ronald Henry Burr, missing since 21 Juni 1941


Sergeant Ronald Henry Burr, one of the crew members on board of Wellington R1339, 218 Squadron.

It was shot down on the way back from a mission to Kiel on 21st June 1941, most likely it came down in the North Sea of the Dutch coast.


Another Wellington R1713 from the same squadron who was also on this mission was shot down by a German night fighter (operating from Gilze Rijen, Netherlands) this plane crashed in the North Sea some 100km west of the Dutch coast. Just like the R.1339 the whole crew went missing, the following day a search of its last known locatio of the R1713, a empty dinghy and a large patch of oil were spotted.



There is a P.4 casualty file about the Wellington R.1339 available from the National Archives, which I hope to receive a copy of later this year, with maybe some more information about the plane and his crew.


Regarding Sergeant Ronald Henry Burr.

There is no information about him, but there is an interesting remark in the archives of Ternaard (Netherlands).


On 2nd July 1943, the Burgomaster of West Dongerdadeel wrote a letter to the German Wehrmacht with information of graves of foreign soldiers in the municipalty.


No.3 British soldier, name most likely BURR, likely R.A.F, washed up on 22nd

Juni 1943 at 18.00hrs at Ternaard, buried the next day on the local Cemetery, grave 1.A.9.


A check at the CWGC records, gives 45 soldiers with BURR as last name.

eight of them are missing, six of them in Europe, 1 Air Force, 4 Navy.

Off these only Sergeant Ronald Henry Burr, fits in for a possible match with this soldier. It is however according to the documents 2 years after the crash, which is possible of course, unfortunately the Police report mentioned about this case could not be found in the archives, so it is not known how they obtained the last name BURR.


After the war the last name seemed to have ben cancelled by the War Grave Unit, as it is now an unknown Airman


The other 4 graves in this row belonged to 4 crew members of the Wellington HF464 which came down on 3-8-1943 whilst on a sortie to attack Hamburg it crashed in the Waddenzee 3,5km north/west of Ternaard, one crew member missing, but the crash was 2 months after the body of airman BURR washed up.


Again like in other cases, it is not possible to find out if the last name BURR was looked at by the responsible War Grave Unit or that they didn't knew about any documents in the local archives. Also with the missing Police Report it is not known how the last name BURR turned up on this body.

Dutch Archive (Ternaard)

Record from the Ternaard archives with information about British RAF soldier, named: BURR