Unknown Royal Marine?


On 4th October 1944, a body washed up at Bloemendaal beach, near beachpole 61.

According to the Germans, A British Obermaat (Sergeant/Staff Sergeant), no name, partial army/laundry number A2387.


In Dutch it is give: unknown navy petty officer airforce A.2387.


Whilst checking the CWGC site with a reference 2387 number 124 names came up. Of these a number are still missing but none that could be linked.


And none of  Aircrews or Navy of these 124 who where buried, rest in Dutch soil.


No Airman could be found that possible to be linked.


Of the Navy missing Leading Steward Alfred Benjamin Frankland C/LX 23879 is still missing since 9th March 1944, he was on board of the H.M.S. Asphodel was sunk at west-northwest of Cape Finisterre.


Leading Seaman Ronald Ernest Gibson C/JX 238783 is still missing since 13th June 1944, he was on board of the H.M.S. Boadicea which was sunk by German aircraft 12 miles south-west of Portland Bill while supporting the Normandy landings.


On the 9th of October the unknown  is buried at Bloemendaal Cemetery grave B.20.


On another form in the archives is said that his unit was: Marine, Army number : A.2387, Name: unknown, Rank: Perry Officer Airforce.


Is the mention of the unit in this form maybe why he was later re-buried as an unknown Royal Marine?


Whilst in another file, it is stated that on 9th October 1944 the remains of two unknown airman of British orgin were buried, later it turned out tha one of them was Canadian and he was re-buried at Bergen op Zoom.


I have contacted the CWGC about the fact that he is mentioned in the documents as being a Marine Airman, and have asked what the reason was that he was identified/buried after the war as a Royal Marine.


But as there is no Exhumation Report available for this casualty, it is not possible to check this.


With this is also impossible to search for any missing Royal Marines, the ones that I know for sure that are missing in the Netherlands, all died after 4 October 1944.

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