Welcome on the guestbook page of the Missing soldiers in the Netherlands 1940-1945, feel free to post any questions, or remarks regarding any missing soldiers.

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    Dawn Gethins (zondag, 13 november 2022 22:10)

    I am a relative of Private James Binks.
    We always thought that he died at Arnem and were not aware that he was a POW.
    Do you have any further information?
    Also, is there any way of finding what the piece of paper uploaded says fully.
    Would appreciate any advice.
    Kind regards
    Dawn Gethins

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    Jennifer Thomson (woensdag, 03 augustus 2022 19:05)

    Thankyou Philip..
    My mum thought there was maybe one near Walcheren, my gran believed they had built a memorial there for them. I was unable to find anything about it.

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    Philip Reinders (woensdag, 03 augustus 2022 17:21)

    Portsmouth Naval Memorial

    The Memorial is situated on Southsea Common overlooking the promenade, and is accessible at all times. A copy of the Memorial Register is kept at the Civic Offices in Guildhall Square and may be consulted there.

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    Jennifer Thomson (woensdag, 03 augustus 2022 16:54)

    I am looking for information as to the where abouts of the memorial sight.. its my grans brother stewart william mcphail who died.. i would like to take her to visit...any help would be great.. Thankyou

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    Julia (woensdag, 04 mei 2022 20:20)

    Thanks Philip for the response and your work on this website. It is difficult to understand the CWGC position, but may these soldiers be, as their graves, known to God, and may we never forget their sacrifice. Best regards.

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    Philip Reinders (zondag, 01 mei 2022 17:10)

    Hello Julia

    Thank you for your message, unlike to USA, the CWGC does not open war graves to take DNA:

    The Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and its Member Governments follow the principle that the war dead should, as far as possible, be allowed to rest in peace and not be disturbed. Therefore, the Commission does not permit exhumations from the graves of Commonwealth war casualties for the purposes of identification. This includes opening graves to extract DNA samples.

    For unknown reason to me they don't seemed to help out with this. So to answer your question, no it will not be possible to exam these unknowns with DNA.

    Greetings Philip

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    Julia (zondag, 01 mei 2022 16:59)

    Hi Philip. Just visited the Hindeloopen cemetery and deeply moved by the five unknown soldier graves. I wonder if, given advances in DNA related technologies and information, the UK, Dutch or other governments or organizations are trying to identify these men? Thanks.

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    Brian Seamons (zondag, 20 juni 2021 18:31)

    Philip - thank you so much for your prompt reply!

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    Philip Reinders (zondag, 20 juni 2021 16:54)

    Hello Brian

    Glad to hear you like the site the photographs are from a local book, they were made in 1945, near Woold at winterswijk.

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    Brian Seamons (zondag, 20 juni 2021 12:29)

    Hello Phillip,
    I have been researching my fathers wartime service which by chance bought me to your brilliant website. He of course survived the war but was wounded on the 30th March 1945 near Bocholt. His unit was 'B' Company, 1st Battalion, Ox & Bucks and I note that you list four missing soldiers of his battalion on that date - can you tell me anymore about the photographs of wrecked armour you have in that section? Many Thanks, Brian.

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    Philip Reinders (vrijdag, 22 januari 2021 10:23)

    Hello Paul

    Thanks for you nice comment, glad to hear you like the website.

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    Paul Bradford (donderdag, 21 januari 2021 23:16)

    I found your excellent website via a link from WW2 Talk. Your efforts in trying to identify unknown soldiers is amazing. I have no link with any soldiers that were there, just an interest in what happened and great regard for the civilians in the area that suffered during the War and who helped maintain the graves of the fallen by adopting them.
    Thank you.

    Please keep up the good work.


    Paul Bradford

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    Neil Mackenzie (dinsdag, 13 oktober 2020 12:43)

    I will check but I am sure that won't be a problem. I will send you a pdf version.

    I have sent you a friend request on Facebook as I have also recently been looking at the story of Squadron Quartermaster Serjeant George Holderness - also from Croydon - whose went missing on 25 September 1944 at Oosterbeek.

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    Philip Reinders (dinsdag, 06 oktober 2020 08:18)

    Hello Neil

    No problem, I would love to recieve a copy of the magazine if this is possible

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    Neil Mackenzie (maandag, 05 oktober 2020 17:39)

    Philip. I am doing a short article for the November edition of my local church magazine which is concentrating on remembrance. One of the men I am writing about, Kenneth Horsley Harrison, lived locally and was also an Old Boy of my former school. He was killed on 1 November 1944 aboard Landing Craft Support (L) 256 in the attack on Walcheren. You have a lovely picture of the vessel on your website - would you mind if I used it in the article. The magazine has a circulation of about 160.
    Many thanks.

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    Philip Reinders (dinsdag, 15 september 2020 17:29)

    Glad to hear you like the website, Ruth.
    Corrections made :)

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    Ruth (dinsdag, 15 september 2020 04:54)

    I came across this website when looking for information on my great uncle, who was a paratrooper with the 82 Airborne (505 PIR). I learned a lot about the temporary war cemeteries and identification and retrieval process. Thank you so much for the website and thank you to the people of Molenhoek where he was buried temporarily on Sept 23, 1944.

    P.S. The English is quite good but I noticed a few corrections that need to be made. On the introduction page, the word "of" in the sentence "It started of as a website" should be spelled "off". In the next paragraph, "progress" should be "process".

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    Philip Reinders (zondag, 14 juni 2020 15:21)

    Your welcome Linda.

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    Linda Boyer (zaterdag, 13 juni 2020 17:39)

    I am the daughter of Real Rolland Boyer, 23rd Field Company RCE. While my dad survived Arnhem, so many did not. These men were heroes, thank you for remembering them.