Vol 39, No.1, April 1984

Page 97-98 Reunions, 4th Parachute Brigade Group, 3 Para 1941-1945 Dinner Club.


Last Post: 

Cook, Alfred, APTC, 1-11-1983.

Cox, B.F, 10th Para, B Company, 1984.

Davies, H, 1st Border, 1983.

Drinkwater, S.W, 1st Recce Squadron, 28-12-1983.

Fishwick, W, S Company, 2nd Para, 23-1-1984.

Hill, Harry, WOII HQ 1st Airborne Div, 17-10-1984.

Hill. L.T, 2nd Para Bn, 3-12-1983.

Jones, Thomas Glynn, 10 Para Bn, 11-11-1983.

Marken, R, 1st Para Bn, 8-9-1983.

McGowan, J, A. company, 1st Para Bn, 00-11-1983.

Montgomery, L, 1st Para Bn, 4-10-1983.

Parmenter, A.W, 10th Para Bn, 3-1-1984.

Ridyard, James, C. Company, 2nd Para Bn, 15-1-1984.

Schubert-Stevens, E.O, 21st Ind Parachute Company, 8-10-1983.

Tennuci, A.V, 16 Parachute Field Ambulance, 30-11-1983.

Wade, V.H. S/Sgt, GPR, 15-11-1983.


 Vol 39, No.2, August 1984

Page 93-95 Reunions 4th Parachute Brigade Group,4th Parachute Squadron RE, Pegasus I (Escape) Reunion, 3 Para 1941-1945 Dinner Club, X Troop 11th SAS Operation Colossus, No.2 Commando, 11th SAS, 1st Parachute Battalion,21st Independent Parachute Company, 1st Airborne Division Signals Association, 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance Association,


Last Post:

Armitage, J.F, Driver, 63 Coy RASC.

Blades, E.G, 1st Border Bn, 29-2-1984.

Bolton, R. A.Company, 2nd Para Bn, 00-02-1984.

Buchanan, A.A., Chaplain, 2nd South Staffs, 5-2-1984.

Borowski, H, 1st Polish Parachute Bde, 00-12-1980.

Hampton, D, 1st Airlanding Anti Tank Battery, 22-5-1983.

Herron, H, 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance, 12-1-1984.

Hooker, A.W., 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance, 12-2-1983.

Horne, R.W.P, 151/156 Para Bn, 26-1-1983.

Moore, W. 21st Ind Parachute Company 25-3-1984.

Pirie, F, B Company, 3rd Para Bn, 00-12-1983.

Poley, D.A, 1st Airborne Div Signals, 2-5-1984.

Reeve, A.P, 1st Parachute Bde HQ, Inttl Section, 19-4-1984.

Smith, E, 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance, 28-1-1984.



Can you help:

Page 104, Pte T. Pleavin, C. Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion, No.1570946, Died as POW in Germany.


Page 113-115, At the Arnhem Bridgehead 1983, Kendall McDonald recalls the struggle of the 1st airborne division and reports dedicated initial attempd of divers to recover artifacts to honour the valiant dead.


 Vol 39, No.3, December 1984

Page 2-8 Arnhem 1984- 40th Anniversary.


Page 101-105 Reunions 4th Parachute Brigade Group, 21st Independent  Parachute Company, 1st Parachute Brigade 1941-1945 Travel club, 1st Airborne Divisional Signals Association, 1st Airlanding Anti Tank Battery, 1st Parachute Battalion 1940-1945 Dinner Club.


Last Post:

Beattie, J, HQ 3 Para Bn, 26-4-1984.

Bennett.W.F.E. Corporal, 1st AB Div Provost, 1984.

Bolingbroke, L.W, HQ RE 1st Airborne Div, 31-5-1984.

Coolman, A.F, 7th KOSB, 11-7-1984.

Currie, E.G, 2nd Para Bn, 18-8-1984.

Ellis, D.W, 2nd South Staffs, 9-9-1984.

Evans, A.J, 1st Para Bn, 5-7-1984.

Jennings, J. 10th Para Bn, 7-7-1984.

King, E.S. 1st AB Div Provost, 20-9-1984.

McGinty, J.L, 156 Para Bn, 17-8-1984.

Parker, F, 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance, 1983.

Plaats, J.A, 10th Para Bn, 8-9-1984.


Can you help:

Page 113, Lance-Sergeant Leslie Westall, No.2579000 Royal Signals, missing since 19-9-1944.

Page 114, Lance-Corporal Jack.R. Boosey, 1st Parachute Bn, DOW 20-9-1944.


Page 123-126, Arnhem, The great Escape.

Page 1261-28, Operation Market Garden, by Richard A.J. Bingley, 1st Parachute Bn.