Name: LADNER, Carman S




Unit:A Company

1st Battalion

501 Parachute Infantry Regiment

101st Airborne Division


Missing since:24-09-1944

Next of Kin: Portland, Kennebec County, Maine


KIA Information: Known to have been killed  when the ammo truck he was on, received a direct hit, at Van der Pol Farm at Eerde.

Name: SLADE, Melvin H




Unit:A Battery

81 Airborne Anti Aircraft Battalion

101st Airborne Division


Missing since:19-09-1944

Next of Kin: Urbana


KIA Information: There are 3 different accounts/remarks about his death.


The one made up in 1946, mentioned being killed in action in English Channel, when the glider he was in ditched.

The one made up in 1947, said that he was reported on the 19th on the town of Son and still being listed in an unresolved casualty status.


The last one made up on 17 May 1948, stated that he has being reported as being killed in action on the 19th in the vicinity of Eerde and Dinter. Investigations were conducted in the towns of Eerde, Veghel, Sint Oedenrode, Schijndel and Dinter, for any information about him, however with negative results.