Russian soldiers in German service-POWs Amersfoort

At the Amersfoort cemetery is a special field of honor, it is dedicated to Russians victims of the second world war.

It is the only Russian War cemetery in the Netherlands, and was opened on 18th November 1948.


Here lie 101 Russian soldiers mainly from the Central Asian Soviet Union.

They were prisoner of war, captured during the Second World War on the eastern front. Transported to the Netherlands by train to Camp Amersfoort, were they arrived in September 1941.

Within 5 months of detainment 24 prisoners died of malnutrition.

The 77 remaining soldiers were murdered without a trail on 9th April l 1942. All shot at the execution stand near Camp Amersfoort.


Later 691 Russian prisoners of war who died in Germany and were brought by the US army to Margraten Cemetery, were also reburied on this Russian Field of Honour. 


Also 73 Russian soldiers who fought along the German side and slave labours are buried here.


Only the ones that died in the Netherlands and are still buried as unknown are mentioned on this site.


In 1975  a memorial pillar was unveiled at the cemetery.


Also 47 bodies of other Nationalities who were also buried at Margraten Cemetery were brought to Amersfoort Rusthof Cemetery.

Opening  of the Russian Cemetery in 1948

Map of the Cemetery in green the unknown soldier who died in the Netherlands, either as POW or in German Service