Landing Craft Gun 1 (L)

The Landing Craft Gun (LCG) was another LCT conversion intended to give supporting fire to the landing. Apart from the Oerlikon armament of a normal LCT, each LCG(Medium) had two British Army 25 pounder gun-howitzers in armoured mountings, while LCG(L)3 and LCG(L)4 both had two 4.7-inch naval guns (12 cm).[22] Crewing was similar to the LCF. LCGs played a very important part in the Walcheren operations in October 1944.

Name: Clark, Robert

Rank: Marine


No.CH/X 111645


Missing since: 01-11-1944

Next of Kin:Son of Florence M. Clark, of Putney, London.


Chatham Memorial Panel:79-1



KIA Information: Known to have been killed in Vlissingen/Walcheren area.