Landing Craft Flak 32

The Landing Craft Flak (LCF) was a conversion of the LCT that was intended to give anti-aircraft support to the landing. They were first used in the Dieppe Raid early in 1942. The ramp was welded shut, and a deck built on top of the Tank deck. They were equipped with several light anti-aircraft guns—a typical fitting was eight 20 mm Oerlikons and four QF 2 pdr "pom-poms" and had a crew of 60. On British examples, the operation of the craft was the responsibility of RN crew and the guns were manned by Royal Marines. They carried two naval officers and two marine officers.

Name: Rooke, Norman

Rank: Petty Officer Motor Mechanic



Missing since: 01-11-1944

Next of Kin:Son of Sidney and Ellen Rooke, of Grappenhal, Cheshire.


Chatham Naval Memorial Panel: 78-2


KIA Information: Known to have been killed in Vlissingen/Walcheren area.