Zutphen 14-10-1944






The internet has been searched for information/documentation about those who are mention as being killed in several sources. According to the grave stone memorial this grave holds 3 unknowns victims of the bombing.

Why they were not identified is not know, maybe they were evacuated from another town, or visited Zupthen that day. 

If anyone has some more information, please let me know.

General Cemetery, Zupthen
General Cemetery, Zupthen

The bombing of Zutphen took place on Saturday afternoon, October 14, 1944. Allied planes wanted to bomb the Oude IJssel bridge in Zutphen to prevent the arrival of troops and weapons for the German occupying forces in the direction of Arnhem. However, the bombs ended up mainly at the nearby city district on the center side of the station. The consequences were devastating. Streets such as Rozengracht, Barlheze, Kreijnckstraat and Apenstert were almost completely wiped out. The station building was badly damaged, but remained in use until 1952. There were more than a hundred deaths and hundreds of injuries among the civilian population. 92 dead were buried in the general and catholic cemetery on the Warnsveldseweg. The number of deaths rose to over one hundred, because a number of missing persons were never recovered.


For these civilian casualties, but also for the Canadian soldiers who were killed in the liberation of Zutphen and for the Zutphen soldiers who died in the former Dutch East Indies during the Second World War, the Gideon monument was unveiled on 10 April 1950. It is in the Kloosterhof at the Broederenkerk on the Rozengracht. On the General Cemetery Zutphen is a commemorative monument at the grave of thirteen victims. It was unveiled at the very first National Remembrance Day on 4 May 1946.


Two weeks before the bombing of Zutphen on 14 October 1944, an Allied bombing raid on Zutphen was carried out in the morning of Thursday 28 September 1944. The target was then a German ammunition train at the railway yard. The target was hit, but the exploding ammunition, including armored grenades, damaged dozens of houses, industrial buildings and the concert venue Buitensociëteit. The train was set up between the Overweg and Industrieweg.


A small bombardment took place on 1 February 1945. There were a few bombs at the junction of the Kerksteeg and Rode Torenstraat. A dozen houses were badly damaged or totally destroyed. Its strategic goal is unknown.

Operation Record Book 2nd Tactical Airforce
Operation Record Book 2nd Tactical Airforce