Breskens 11-09-1944

The internet has been searched for information/documentation about those who are mention as being killed in several sources.

If anyone has some more information, please let me know.

During the Second World War, bunkers and forts were built in and around the village by the Germans as part of the Atlantikwall. On 11 September 1944, the village was hit by an Allied bombing as part of Operation Switchback, aimed at freeing the Scheldt estuary. Approximately 184 people lost their lives and a multiple of these were injured. The population was then evacuated. During the bombing and during the subsequent heavy fighting until the conquest by the Allies on October 21, 1944, a large part of the houses was destroyed or damaged. After the war the village was rebuilt and the population returned. Thanks to the strong rise in fishing and tourism, Breskens recovered and Breskens was expanded with a number of post-war districts. Because of these expansions, the neighborhood Kijkuit came to lie entirely in the built-up area of Breskens.


On the general cemetery at Breskens there is a massgrave with 119 victims, of whom are 16 unknowns.