Bombardments (German-Allied) missing/unknowns

Between 1940-1945 a number of Dutch towns were either bombed by German or Allied airforces, some by mistakes, other were deliberate targets, but most of the time the people of these towns were victim of these bombarments.


Rotterdam, May 1940, Nijmegen, February 1944, Den Haag, March 1945, are some of the well knowns, but others like Den Helder, May 1940 or Haaksbergen, March 1945 or not known to many.


It is estimated that 8000-10.000 people were killed by these.


The internet has been searched for information/documentation about those who are mention as being killed in several sources. When no information/documentation was found that they were buried, its believed that they are missing since.


However if some has information/documentation that a name on the list was found and buried, please let me know, so they can be removed from the list as being missing since.

If you know of any victims that are not listed please contact me.

03-03-1945, view from Voorburg towards Bezuidenhout, Den Haag
03-03-1945, view from Voorburg towards Bezuidenhout, Den Haag
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