Saturday 23rd September 1944

6th Day

German Troops ready to attack British troops in the Stationsweg area.
German Troops ready to attack British troops in the Stationsweg area.

 " There appeared to have been a great many Dutch fifth columnists in the area. Most of them were members of the Dutch National Socialist Party, working in the closest co-operation with the Germans, and in most cases, favouring the total incorporation of their country. The next house to ours belonged to one of these collaborators, The husband had fled with the Germans the moment the first glider appeared in the sky, but the wife and daughter were still in the cellar. The wife had given birth to a boy on the first night of the British occupation".

(Arnhem Lift page 51)


"The Brigadiers greeted us, and after Captain Z had told him that I had been on the patrol, laid out his map and asked me to show him exactly where it was I had found the German hideout. He also told me to draw in the movement of the armour I had observed. I was suprised to find that I felt no embarrasment talking to the Officer Commanding the whole Division. I proceeded to illustrate our movements on the map, using my grubby finger. It seems that I did the one thing possible to make him loose his temper. "For crying out loud, take your filthy hand away!, Your covering the whole bloody map... Why don't you get yourself a stick and point it out properly?.

(Arnhem Lift, page 54/55)

"This time we were going to make quite sure that the Poles would let us past their lines, and Lt S took me to see the Polish Officer in charge of the house next door. We got over to their positions about 25yards away and managed to get into their hose by making a dash for it. The Polish officer was most friendly and helpful, and told  us that he was going to tell all his men that our patrol was going to pass later on that night. But we wouldn't take any risks this time and we weren't satisfied until he promised us a guide to take us through".

(Arnhem Lift page 66)

"We got there eventually, but what at pathetic ammunition store  for a whole division! We could easily have shifted the whole lot into our attic, and still had enough space for our PIAT.

We did get some ordinary rounds for the Brens and rifles, however, but no Sten ammunition and two inch mortar shells".

(Arnhem Lift page 70)