Wednesday 20th September 1944

3rd Day

Dreyenseweg view from "German" side towards the bridge and Stationsweg (Bundesarchive)
Dreyenseweg view from "German" side towards the bridge and Stationsweg (Bundesarchive)


"After breakfast they called for a patrol to push forward on the Arnhem Railway Bridge (Oosterbeek-Hoog), Dodd and myself were asked to go. Off we raced again, and after ten minutes the jeep encountered fire and pulled into th side. From here our advance was very slow. Progress was slow, not that the jeeps were parked in the gardens along side the streets, two officers and twelve of us moved into the wood on the right. (Dennenkamp Woods)

(Arnhem Lift page 26)

Stationsweg-Dennenkamp Woods (GA 1080)
Stationsweg-Dennenkamp Woods (GA 1080)

"We put a PIAT gun in position in the wood. A tank advacing firing shells is the most frightening thing imaginable, and of all the  experiences I had later on I was never frightened  than now. I believe that this is what makes a tank such a formidable weapon. We only had a little PIAT gun just three feet long. Just in front of us someone had trown a smoke grenade on the road and, before we knew what happened, the Recce had crossed the road. We saw them start up their jeeps and off they went. There was only the PIAT gunner, his number two, Dodd and myself.


"Like that, we got as far as the cross-roads which were about four miles from our HQ. Here there was no change of crossing the road or getting any further, as we heard German voices from all directions.

(Arnhem Lift page 26/27)


NAM. 2014-08-16-447
NAM. 2014-08-16-447

"It was Lieutenant W. with ten glider pilots from different squadrons.

 He asked us all if we wished to join his little group and try to make our way back to the glider pilot Headquarters"

". (Arnhem Lift, page 29)


"There we were guarding the Divisional Headquarters which was a very massive hotel surrounded by large out buildings, hot houses, etc. I think the place had been very famous. Until a few days previously it had been harboured the German Head Quarters for this area."

(Arnhem Lift, page 30)


"I also met Vic Wade who was my best friends back at the Station and several others. I felt that I could not spent the night in the trench with Jimmy Plant as there was no room for two, so I moved a bed out of the garderners house which was just behind us and very badly knocked about. I put it right to the trench, and slept comforably in the sheets of a feather bed."

(Arnhem Lift page 31)