Lance Corporal William Loney, Age 26, No.935393, 8 Platoon, C Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion

Lance Corporal William Loney
Lance Corporal William Loney


William Loney was born on 25 July 1918 in Westtown Dewsbury, the son of William Lionel and Mary Ellen  Loney.



Lance Corporal went missing/was killed in the evening of 17 September 1944 when entering Arnhem via the Utrechtsestraat as one of the main scout, together with Privates Norman Shipley and Thomas Alfred Pratt, Both privates are is still missing.

2019 Utrechtsestraat situation
2019 Utrechtsestraat situation

Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Oosterbeek, Grave 20.B.7
Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery, Oosterbeek, Grave 20.B.7


Case forwarded in April 2007

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Mr P. Bennett



Case out come: September 2017.

After putting the case forward, I never received a negative or postive report of this until, 10 years later when the case was forwarded by the Dutch War Grave unit, same unknown, same info, then it was for some strange reason accepted.


A pitty that they didn't this in 2007 as by then there were still some Next of Kin alive.


But at least one of the three was named, hopefully this will also happen for Privates Shipley and Pratt.