WO 311 1939-1953 Judge Advocate General's Office, Military Deputy's Department, and War Office, Directorates of Army Legal Services and Personal Services: War Crimes Files (MD/JAG/FS and other series)

The bulk of this series consists of files of the Judge Advocate General's Military Department, dealing with the investigation and prosecution of war criminals for offences committed in all theatres of the Second World War. There are also some files of the Adjutant General's Directorates of Personal Services (AG 3(V/W)) and Army Legal Services relating to war crimes.

The series also includes policy and procedural files as well as case files. There are some files on the establishment of AG3 Branch, and correspondence between the Judge Advocate General (JAG) and the Directorate of Army Legal Services (DALS).

Reference: WO 311/884

Murder of British prisoners of war, Arnhem, Netherlands, September 1944

Date: 1945 May 01 - 1947 Oct 31                 

Reference: WO 311/377

Killing and wounding British POWs on a journey from Arnhem to Zutphen by lorry

Date: 1945 Apr - 1948 Jan                 

Reference: WO 311/379

Hattem, Holland: killing of British POW and five Dutch civilians

Date: 1945 Nov - 1948 July                 

Reference: WO 311/418

Almelo, Holland: killing of British airman and a Dutch civilian

Date: 1945 Oct - 1949 June                 

Reference: WO 311/861

Murder of British officers at Vorden, Holland, October 1944: trial of alleged war criminals

Date: 1946 Mar 01 - 1946 May 31                 

Reference: WO 311/1293

Alleged murder of airborne troops, shot by Germans unable to evacuate them, in the hospital at Arnhem, Netherlands

Date: 1945 Aug 01 - 1945 Oct 31                 

Reference: WO 311/1296

Alleged murder of British airman, Goudriaan, Holland, 22 May 1944

Date: 1945 Nov 01 - 1949 May 31                 

Reference: WO 311/1304

Murder of unknown allied airman at Enschede, Holland, 21 November 1944

Date: 1945 Sep 01 - 1949 Jun 30